Card Art Based On The Video Games

Over time I’ve noticed that the concept for some of the card art is based on the video games. For example the pokemon is in a setting where it can be found in the game or is doing something that was part of the game.
Here are some examples:
Vending 2 Zapdos is outside the powerplant.
Fan Club Porygon has slot machines behind it because you can win it in the Celadon City Casino.
Shadow Lugia (Jumbo) which was introduced in Gale of Darkness.
TMB Phone Cards (Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos) were all exclusively featured in the Trading Card Game for Gameboy Color as the final prizes.
Shining Gyarados from Neo Revelation is red and enraged just like in Gold & Silver.

These are some of the ones I though of off the top of my head but everyone should look around and see what they can find :wink:
I will add to this list as the thread goes on.
Hopefully you guys enjoy this!

Of course who can forget the Pokemon SNAP cards? :stuck_out_tongue:

There are TONS of these in the HGSS and BW series, which I really like.

HGSS Base Set
-Ampharos: Glitter Lighthouse
-Farfetch’d: Ilex Forest
-Lapras: Union Cave
-Meganium: Indigo Plateau
-Bayleef: Violet City/Sprout Tower
-Blissey: Pokemon Center (general)
-Delibird: Ice Path
-Mantine: possibly Whirl Islands (the island geography looks similar)
-Miltank: Moo Moo Farm
-Chansey: Pokemon Center (general)
-Chikorita: New Bark’s Town/Professor Elm’s Lab
-Clefairy: Goldenrod City/Radio Tower
-Jigglypuff: Whirl Islands
-Koffing: Burned Tower
-Paras: Ilex Forest
-Slowpoke: Slowpoke Well
-Wooper: Ruins of Alph

-Steelix: Goldenrod City
-Tauros: Moo Moo Farm
-Onix: Goldenrod City

-Tropius: Goldenrod City
-Pinsir: Goldenrod City
-Raticate: Burned Tower
-Aron: Goldenrod City
-Drifloon: Violet City?
-Eevee: Goldenrod City
-Mawile: Mt. Mortar??
-Murkrow: Safari Zone Gate
-Oddish: Ilex Forest
-Scyther: Goldenrod City

-Tentacruel: most likely Route 40
-Bellsprout: Sprout Tower
-Swinub: Ice Path
-Tentacool: Whirl Islands
-Voltorb: Route 10/Power Plant

There’s probably a lot more than just these because the HGSS era has a lot of background scenery that looks like it’s meant to be Johto - lots of Water Pokemon in the water near whirlpools with possible Whirl Islands in the background, lots of Pokemon that have Ecruteak- or Sprout-esque towers in the background, etc.

The BW TCG had entire expansions set in game locations but I don’t have time to make a list right now.