Please, help. I got an opened booster box on ebay. What now?


So I ordered one box of The best of XY on ebay and I was going to keep it sealed. The problem is that the seller has sent the box to me opened, without the seal.

The pictures in the listing featured a sealed box and the condition of the item is stated as “brand new as manufacturer sends it”.

What should I do? Can I ask for a refund or how does it work in these cases?

I’ve paid 12 euros for customs already and if I have to send it back, I will have to pay for the sending too. Does it work like that: I would loose the 12 euros of customs + the new sending if I return it?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Alicia!

I do not have much experience with these types of issues but like with most eBay purchases, there should be some protection. You should always start by contacting the seller first. It is always good to establish some communication just in case there is some misunderstanding. Also, take some pictures of the item, that should help along with the link of the original listing. If the seller did in fact lie and it is not cooperating don’t forget to notify one of the administrators here so they can be added to the Poke-No-No List of Sellers. At this point do not forget to contact eBay so you can return the item and receive your refund accordingly. Hope this helps!

Just to be clear, there was no seal wrapping at all? Or is it possible the seal was broken during shipping?

No seal wrapping at all :slightly_frowning_face:

oh damn that sucks D: i would definitely get a refund then.

@matt but if I get a refund, do I have to send it back? Then I would loose the tax for custom + the sending, right?

If you don’t want to send it back see if the sellers willing to offer partial refund. You’ll either have to ship it back or get partial refund. If the seller doesn’t want to do either of those then contact ebay and you’ll most likely get a full refund from them at that point.

Do a search on the page for this part of the policy: When an item is returned to the seller

Most likely what will happen is the seller will offer a partial refund as the time and effort to receive is going to be to great. However, if you are fully content on wanting a sealed box, which you are 100% in your rights to be, Id return and go find a different seller. Boxes don’t just open during shipping, this is clearly a mix up of some sorts. Id talk with the seller and see if you can figure out a compromise, otherwise you’d be starting a “item not as described” case, as it showed up not sealed.

The seller will make available a return label for you, however if you purchase one yourself, you will not be reimbursed by Ebay.

You have 30 days to start your return request/case opening for this item.

yes it would be sent back. you should be able to get full refund for the item and return postage.

*unless you go with partial refund as pokematt stated above

Could customs have opened it? I know they do have the ability to and I have heard stories. It seems really odd that it wasn’t sealed, never heard of this, especially with new product from Japan.

File a complain on PayPal/eBay to get a refund.

Personally I would make sure I get my custom fees refunded, crack the box and buy a new one.

Sending it back to the seller and receiving a new box will force you to pay import fees again. Because anything with a declared value above 22 euro’s will be checked and fees will be calculated. There is a work around, but the seller probably will not understand what and how.

Find an European seller, this way you don’t have to worry about import fees.

If customs opened it the box would have a sticker on it the product has been searched, and the packaging will be wrapped in tape/plastic sealing with the same info on it; customs searched your package.

Even at my top days when I imported 20+ cases a month from the US to Europe I never encountered this.

Thank you all for your help!

I will talk to the seller and see what happens… When there’s a solution, I’ll post it here :blush:


Don’t think this was mentioned: was an unsealed box mentioned anywhere on the listing? Often pics are stock.

If not mentioned, be sure to leave negative feedback to forewarn others.
Can you share a link to the listing?

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So there’s been a happy ending to the story :blush:

You were right, they have offered me:

-50% refund and I keep it.


-I send them the box and they send me a sealed one.

I’ve decided to go with the refund and buy another one. Otherwise, I will spend so much time on this and it’s just not worthy.

Do you think the seller would want me to buy the new one from them or will they be angry since they have had to give me the refund?

I don’t know if I should order the new one from them xD

What would be the “polite” thing to do on ebay? :confused:

Edit: And btw, thank you all again for your advice :blush:

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I would try to find an European seller first of all. You’ll be hit with the custom tax again on next box, because EU law states all items about 22euro has to be taxed if not bought in EU territory.

If impossible, you can of course go for the same seller again or find another. It’s up to you. Personally, I never go back to a seller that I received a refund from, because I got trust issues.

50% refund sounds really fair. Have to agree with @genosha , try finding another seller who can certainly provide item in same condition as listing states.

Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to buy from the same one you just had a problem with IMO.


I would open the box you got and buy a new one from elsewhere tbh, then you are essentially getting to open a box at half the price and also get a nice sealed one for your collection.