Package stuck in customs?

So I sent a package more than three weeks to the USA.
I have a tracking number on it and it still hasn’t arrived.
I’ve also called the post carrier and they’ve told me it arrived in America about 2.5 weeks ago.
This lead me to conclude that customs is holding it hostage. :angry:
What can I do about this? It’s a pretty expensive package so I need it to be delivered.
Thanks in advance.

Edit: I think I have the wrong section here, feel free to move it.

Is this your 600 mew cards? If so it will take a long time to clear customs. Bulk items take a long time to process. I shipped about 3,000 cards to spain and it took over a month to arrive with priority service.

Yes, it is.
Hmm, I’ll be more patient I guess.
The reason I’m so nervous is that it’s a lot of money and I haven’t heard many good things about us customs.
Hopefully they’ll send it soon… :confused: