Out of topic but I'm just so angry right now.

I live in Australia yet I feel anger at the lost of innocent lives in Connecticut. 20 innocent children lost their lives for no reason at all. I know it’s not my business but I implore those who live in the US to please consider if access to automatic weapons is really necessary.

Also, please say a prayer to everyone affected by this incident whatever your religious affiliation is.

If this post violated any forum policy, please accept my apology but I’d like to share with our community how I feel right now. Those 20 innocent children will no longer be able to enjoy Pokemon or their favourite toys.

Please, let’s not allow this to happen again.

Reading the reports of the shooting is actually horrifying. I couldn’t even finish most articles. This is absolutely horrendous, I can’t even fathom it.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say about the US in the post but if it is a criticism I’d like to say that it’s likely no different in any other developed country; the weapon laws I mean. The US has a larger population and therefore statistically more of these heartbreaking incidents happen there than anywhere else.

Not a criticism. Not at all. Just pleading to rethink access to autos and semi-autos. Yes, it could happen anywhere but I do believe no child should suffer violence especially one that cuts short a promising life.

I’m not comparing but just citing this. In Australia, it’s next to impossible to own a handgun much more an automatic one. Yes, gun crime still happens but I’m thankful that we are spared of this magnitude of violence. I just feel strongly against any violence or crime that involve innocent children.

This is a terrible tragedy and my thoughts and prayers go out all of the victims and their families.

According to the media, the 20 year old (Still a kid himself) used his moms own 9mm handguns. As far as gun control goes in the US, laws vary slightly from state to state. In Connecticut, anyone under 21 is prohibited from purchasing/owning a firearm. In addition, owing any sort of fully automatic weapon or modifying one to be automatic is also illegal. A country can put all the regulations they want on gun control, but if someone has the sick desire to kill, sadly they will find a way.

This is just horrifying. No child should ever have to fear going to school and getting killed or have to pass through armed guards just to get to their next class. I could not imagine if I had kids of my own.

I don’t have a TV but how is this being presented in the media? Today at work some people were really angry at how there seems to be a lot of focus on the children and not the adults as adults too were affected by this incident.

The media has covered the adults but no where near the extent of the children. Don’t get me wrong any loss of life is sickening, but when 20 of the 28 dead are kids 4-10 years of age and it took place at an elementary school, the crime is just incomprehensible. Crimes involving children are especially heinous.

One thing that really got me is how many times the media showed president getting emotional during his address to the nation. Yes it should be covered, but this is not about him.

There has always been debate about guns in the US because the constitution states that you have the right to bear arms. It is always referenced as a God given right. I personally do not own a fire arm but understand why some do.

As Jason pointed out, the US is massive. Not just in numbers but in land as well. It is typical for homeowners in rural areas to own a fire arm because they are far away from law enforcement. But as Mike pointed out, laws differ from state to state. For example, I lived in Illinois where gun laws are very strict and you had to get very specific paperwork to legally own one. In Missouri, right next door, pretty much anyone can purchase a gun outright. In fact, you are allowed to carry a concealed weapon with a permit…which always blew my mind.

Basically the debate always ends up being 2 sides: more guns for individual protection, or more laws so the probability of owning a gun/committing a crime with one is lower. I know in the uk they are strict on firearms and it seems to decrease incidents like this.

I personally do not know where I stand on the issue. Maybe the Chris rock solution is best where you charge $5,000 per bullet. But all sarcasm aside, I think when there is a will to commit something as inconceivable as yesterday, they will find a way.

Thanks for the article, it was quite interesting :blush:

But i know what you mean, the press and media use whatever tactics they can to find people/things to blame in order to make more money.

If i’m honest i’m still interested in what the actual reason behind the attack was, especially as it was so horrific he must have had some grudge or hatred for the school and his mother…

I lean towards the idea that as long as sickos and criminals have auto weapons then I will too. Don’t like the idea of having my weapons taken away when they can still get them.

Well he got the guns from his mother and she obtained them legally. So he didn’t own any guns legally because it’s illegal for someone to own a gun under the age of 21 in Connecticut.
She did, however, introduce a mentally unstable child to gun use. That was probably one of the biggest mistakes in this entire tragedy. He knew where the guns were and how to use them…

Mental health checks should be done, yes, but unfortunately, that would not have stopped this horrible event.

As long as guns exist, no matter what rules and regulations are in place…if you want them, you will get them.

Anyone who knows anyone can get their hands on a gun.

Right. I agree. That’s why I don’t think higher gun regulations will solve anything.

The regulations in Connecticut are very strict, I think even the strictest in the US and this still happened.

The issue with gun laws is that there are so many people who own weapons and are going to fight for that right. I don’t see the US not having guns for purchase. I personally do not own a firearm but I can understand why someone would.

Regardless, the kid was not right. Whether he had a significant illness, or bad parenting, or a combination for the two, he was the main bad ingredient in this situation.

The kid had Aspergers Syndrome (high functioning autism) and likely other undiagnosed mental illness. While it does not excuse for his behavior, his mother is the one to blame. Teaching a kid who does not understand social situations how to shoot/aim a firearm and then allow him to have access to them is just asking for a tragedy to occur. The mother also thought that she could homeschool him, which likely only made his condition worse. 2 special education teachers were also killed in the shooting and from what I’ve seen they’re speculating that he was upset that he didn’t get the mental help that he needed and specifically targeted him.

The problem here is that a mother thought she could handle someone with a range of mental problems and then thought it was okay to give him access to multiple deadly weapons. The bright side to all of this is that we can prevent this from happening again without significantly changing gun laws. I do agree that we need more restrictions on the types of guns that can be owned, more background/mental screens, and requirements/inspections for keeping them locked away from others. Japan has an awesome series of hoops that have to be jumped through before you can own a firearm. If the US has the same, it would drastically reduce the thousands of deaths per year caused by guns.

I’m sorry but I have to respectfully disagree with the above. My girlfriends sister has aspergers syndrome and she is the most non violent person I know and in short afraid of any weapon. Now there are varying degrees of the condition but to place all of the blame on having aspergers is quite naive. Just because one has it does not mean they can’t comprehend right from wrong.

In addition why couldn’t the mom handle a person with “a rage of mental problems?” We do not know the severity or his situation at home and we can try to blame it on whatever we want…whether it be gun control laws or aspergers or dynasty warriors and collection Pokemon cards (see link a few posts ago). Point is there is no one answer preventing serious like this in the future. As long as there are humans there will be tragedies.

Thank you. I agree

I’m not blaming the Aperger’s. It’s the combination of the frustrations of Asperger’s with other mental illnesses that likely caused him to “break”. If anything I’m blaming the mother for not taking the appropriate steps to make sure that her son didn’t feel like his last resort was shooting children and our social services system for not looking into how this child was being cared for (something that should be a requirement for homeschooled children but frequently gets missed).

I’ve worked with many autistic kids that had other conditions that made them more prone to violent episodes when they were upset. They required special classes and therapy. If the boy that did the shooting was even half as severe as the kids that I’ve worked with, then his ‘break’ doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Kids that have so many mental issues need a lot of help and it’s just not something a single parent just can provide with homeschooling.

Edited - the original post should have said “range of mental problems” not rage.

After a tragedy like this, why would you not want to explore what caused it to prevent it from happening in the future? To blame it on simple humanity rather than something specific isn’t going to solve anything. From my understanding (despite how minimal it is) of the shooter, if he had the proper therapy/treatment, he wouldn’t have resorted to his severe attack.

I don’t think anyone would not want to find out specifically why the shooter did what they did. The problem is that we don’t and probably won’t know 100% why they did it. Also, making the claim that the shooter would not of done what they did if they had therapy is a bit much. Saying therapy might of helped, or probably would of helped is as far as we can and should go.

The problem with this situation is that there isn’t one specific reason for why it happened. Referencing the disease is relevant. Referencing the parenting is relevant. Referencing gun control is relevant. The situation is complicated with all of these factors being an influence. Also, the understanding and classification of Aspergers is general at best. It is a misunderstood “mental illness” as it is relatively new. I would even go as far as saying that psychological disorders are much more subjective than physical illnesses. The treatment of most disorders is containing the problem, not fully curing it. It is a daunting long term experience.

Taking all of this into consideration, I think it is difficult to point the finger at one aspect. His illness certainly warped the software that is his conscious and personality, but it was not entirely at fault.

That’s the point I was trying to make (and obviously failed). Everyone else seemed to be focusing on guns, but few are focusing on the mental health aspect. If our society focused more on mental health services, everyone would be better off, even if you didn’t include the extreme tragedies.

Just saw this thread…I’m from Newtown, CT, born and raised (now I live in MA). It was so sad going back to Newtown to visit my parents. :slightly_frowning_face: