discussion on football (soccer)

I don’t know if this will go down well if not I apologise but being from the Uk and in a place where the premier league is a part of most people’s weekends throughout the year

I thought I’d ask the members of this great community if you are interested or have ever been in football , what your thoughts are on the worldcup and other things what team you follow if any… etc

To share some info about my love of ‘our beautiful game’

I support Arsenal F.c. some of you may know it, others may not

but I’m really happy today as we just signed Alexis Sanchez

again if this isn’t your type of scene, apologises and to be honest I’d welcome your opinion if you think it sucks

but keep it friendly, the banter =]

no hooliganism today or maybe a little

I have played soccer (or football haha) since a young age but was never too good (stopped after playing Junior Varsity my sophomore year of high school). This is mostly because I am a much better basketball player than soccer so I focused more time on that sport. However, I still love soccer and am loving the world cup. Too bad the USA got eliminated (although expected) so now I’m hoping that Argentina can pull through in the finals!

Don’t see the attraction but seems like a great exercise for kids…

I’m from Germany so you can imagine…

3-1 Germany. :blush:

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This is a great topic! I have tried to watch every World Cup game, and will watch Germany win this weekend.

I actually play semi-pro/pro indoor soccer. As you can imagine, since soccer is not that popular here, the pro leagues are not as financially stable. The league we play in is the Pasl. The competition is great, some really talented players, but the incentive to play for a long time is low as the pay is the equivalent to pro soccer in the 60’s-70’s.

Oh and for the people who critizie soccer as being a weak sport, indoor is literally like hockey. Which I play a bit of hockey on occasion as well. Guys on average in indoor weigh about 180-195, and you are allowed to body players. There is no diving like in outdoor, which I really noticed this World Cup more than any other. If people dive in indoor it is laughable. I hate that crap, it gives the sport a horrible image as there is a significant amount of strength required on and off the ball.

Anyway, glad to see that others are interested in soccer and are watching the games!


so the final then ;D

Haven’t been a huge fan of football for ages, but world cup is always a must. This event has been absolutely best I’ve personally watched.

Germany-Brazil semifinal was a total gem, aftermath from it will last very long. :grin:

Hoping Liverpool don’t waste their big money on b grade players

Mmm…Liverpool. Match between them and AC Milan in 2005 Champions League finals, one of the sickest rollercoaster of emotions in sports. I was so happy back then after penalty kicks, never forget. :blush:


Hmmm…this is the first soccer match I’ve sat through the whole thing and it’s at the 92 minute mark and all I can say is “WTH”. 0-0???
Honestly, it’s more exciting watching women’s Pro Beach Volleyball;)
Maybe if your country is participating it would be more fun to watch but without personal or betting interest I just can’t see myself ever sitting again for a couple hours to watch.
Of course, many people don’t understand our interest in Pokemon so…each to their own:)

Well that goal was cool. Both my grandparents immigrated here from Germany so that was good. But now how do you know exactly when it’s over? If the clock clicked down then you’d know?

Normally a game is 90 minutes with a few minutes added for stoppage time. Stoppage time is when there are subs, fouls or any other stoppage in play.

If it is tied after regulation they do two 15 minute halves. And then if it is still tied they so penalty kicks.

But it is definitely more exciting/tense when your country is in it.

To add on to that, the referee can’t (or isn’t supposed to blow the whistle) when a team has a scoring chance, even after the the extra few minutes of stoppage time has elapsed. That is why when the German player went down while fouling Messi and stayed down to waste time, the referee still gave Argentina the free kick. Also, kudos to both teams for a wonderful game played and congrats to Germany for the win!

Oh…so there is no extra time added to the 15 minute over times?
And lastly…is there a way for the viewer to know precisely the last second of play?

There is usually a minute or two of stoppage time in the 15 minute periods of extra time, but this varies game by game. As for your second question, no there is not a way for the viewer to know exactly when the game will end, as that is determined solely by the referee.

Plus if you play against Manchester United when Sir Alex Ferguson was there you had to consider Fergie time on top of stoppage time.

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I just got back from the Ku’Damm in Berlin…
Absolutely crazy, fireworks everywhere, thousands of people out in the streets and most of them (including myself) will have to “get up” for work in just a few hours :grin:


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Great game by both teams but Germany really deserved their victory this year. :blush:

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This gets me every time :rofl: @darkrai @lotti


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