Official US Presidential Elections Thread 2016

So it’s 2016 and even if you are not from USA, the US Presidential elections have an effect all over the world no matter where you live. Since I foresee a lot of mentions of candidates etc that I KNOW will flare up into arguments that derail thread. This will be the official thread for any and all discussion related to the US Presidential Race.

A few things to remember:

If someone disagrees with you on policy, it does not automatically make them a horrible person. If you can’t swallow the fact that there are other people in the world who have differing opinions to you then you should stay out of this thread all together.

Argue all you want over policy and candidates but keep it civil and respectful.

If a discussion starts in another thread, please message one of the mods and request the posts related to this Election be moved here.

You are all adults, act like it.


Hold on. You expect us to be civil, respectful and act like adults when the candidates themselves seemingly aren’t capable of doing such? :wink:

And that’s just the childish Democrats and Republicans I’m talking about. Don’t even get me started on that toupee-wearing crackpot who will soon be running as an independent because even his own party wants nothing to do with him. :rofl:

You are a much more disciplined man that I am, Scott.

Three words:



This could get ugly real fast. Its clear that we should be respectful towards what people know and have heard or jumped on the rumor hype trainand… We should not hold them at fault here because shit is confusing and difficult to grasp unless a lot of research has done or you follow the things a lot. If you have an insult, please place it directly to the candidates themselves and have a laugh. I agree with Japan anime… It doesn’t matter who you choose, there both childish and there owned and funded/ payee off little lap dogs and so I think mY suggestion is most relevant here, and we should start the pokemon party. The pokemon party stands for freedom of the things. That Is all. Just think of Our honorable president… He can’t do shit, 1 man cannot do shit… He said he was gonna do this and that, and every 4 years he gave the same god damn speach, but still nothing. You wouldn’t believe what goes on in the background. Thing is, its not like he could do anything anyway, imagine trying to do the right thing over there amongst all those morons.
I will say we can’t throw it all one person and exspect them to change it all for us… We must all rise up to get her… Fight, unite and do the things.
Walmart has to stop complaining there not making enough money from peoples deaths on insurance. We at the pokemon party will not tolerate this kind of insubordinate behaviour and crime against humanity.
I am an anarchist well i hope to be one day in life by the way. I AM GOKU!!!

Long version, be that these videos are old there is much more recent ones if you wish to take the time to research and learn some things folks… The information age is great, no more walgardens. Unfortunately Hilary and every other party seems to have there dirty sick minds on suppressing the internet, because they don’t like people knowing things. However they want to know everything about you, and they want to climb in your bed at night and lick your ear.

Warning to everyone reading my wall of text… Ask your self… Do you really want to take advice from an insane super sayianjinn like myself… Cautions children.

Respectfully, anybody but the pig pictured;)

Seriously though: After 7 years of a failed administration we need something totally different. I was leaning towards Dr. Ben Carson but after what BO bamas done to this country it could be 100 years before the majority would vote in another African American so… I’m tossed up now between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Businessman Donald Our honorable president, former CEO Carly Fiorina, and Senator Ted Cruz.

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Gary I will put rattle snake in her bed while she sleeps if that makes you happy.:thumbup:

Hmmm, I don’t think that’ll work though. The snakes probably couldn’t stomach her either;)

Hillary needs Trumps wig.

@garyis2000 Our honorable president doesn’t actually wear a wig. He has the mother of all comb overs and wax routines of all time. He probably pays his hairdresser as much as his dentist.

Lol. I’m sure your right. But then I thought Glenn was right when he called it a toupee. One of you are right.
But for sure Hillary wears a wig and thank god she does cause without it she’s waaaay old and nasty,

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nothing, its in the ‘Everything else.’ section :blush:


DONALD Our honorable president






I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders in this upcoming election.

I definitely don’t agree with him on all of his policies. For example, I think the US should take a larger, more direct role in facing ISIS than he advocates for. I also favor strong restrictions on gun sales (e.g. you should be background checked and trained before you are allowed to purchase a gun, assault weapons should be banned) which Bernie doesn’t agree with.

The majority of Bernie’s policies are what this country truly needs. The influence of money in politics is way too pronounced with both parties. We’ve got billionaire businessmen basically funding entire thing 1 presidential campaigns, and Hillary gets truckloads of money from large companies and Wall Street. Bernie doesn’t. Even if he doesn’t get legislation passed that decreases the influence of money in politics, he won’t be beholden to any special interests as he simply doesn’t take their money. That’s what I want in a President, someone who truly listens to their constituents first and not corporate America.

Bernie supports universal, single-payer healthcare for all (like the systems in Canada, Europe, Australia, and basically the entire developed world). Basically how this works is there’s an additional tax added to pay for healthcare, but you no longer need to pay insurance. As it’s a percentage tax, the poor pay less and the rich pay more. Now this system isn’t perfect, but it’s about time the US caught up to the rest of the world. Money will no longer factor into anyone’s decisions about health.

Bernie has also been fighting for civil rights (and common sense) since he was in college. He won’t turn back the clock on gay marriage, abortion, or race relations, and will bring women’s issues to the forefront of the political debate. He’ll address the reality of climate change, instead of people who simply deny the science like Ben Carson or Ted Cruz. On cimate change, there is no debate. We have to take action now, and Bernie will.

I can rattle off even more of Bernie’s policies, like breaking up Wall Street and the big banks, providing free community college to all, raising the minimum wage so people who work 40 hours a week don’t live in poverty, caring for our veterans, and addressing the massive income inequality that faces our country today. Not to mention he’s civil, respectful, and approachable. Amid all the hatred, xenophobia, and pure bullshit coming from the thing 1 side (namely Our honorable president), we forget that Bernie has never launched an attack ad. He sticks to the issues, legitimately listens to all the candidates and then explains why his solutions are the best. Whether you agree with him or not, you must admit that’s the best course of action for any presidential candidate.

To me, Bernie is the best candidate. He deserves my vote, and I hope he will receive some of yours too :blush:


I won’t respond to all your points @fourthstartcg as I no knowledge or inclination to argue any policy points. Even if I wanted to.

But I will respond to you saying:

“I definitely don’t agree with him on all of his policies.”

One thing that really, really annoys me about a lot of people, infact most people, is the assumption that if you are voting for x person or x political party it automatically means you are in agreement and support every single policy/ideal they have.

In Australia we have 2 major parties, similar to the USA. We have Labor and Liberal. The names are confusing because the Labor Party are the Liberal side of politics, and the Liberal party are Conservative. Ever since I was able to vote I have always been a Liberal voter, and ohhh boyyy do people get offended if I even infer that I may agree with and vote for the Liberal party here(I usually actively avoid political debates/discussions). People get this idea that I automatically agree with EVERY SINGLE THING the Liberal party does. Couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s just that I agree with more things they idealize and want to do, and the things I do agree with are more important to me than the things I don’t agree with them doing.

For instance the Liberal party here has been pretty much anti gay marriage. That means if someone realises I vote Liberal it automatically means I am a bigotted homophobe that hates everyone who isn’t a cis white male. It’s frustrating at best.

TL;DR: Voting for a political party doesn’t mean you agree with every single thing they believe in/plan to do. And this seems to be a tough concept for people to grasp.


Very well said, Ethan. I’m not sure I could summarize it any better myself. I’m voting for Sanders myself.

I don’t know why you’re so inclined towards Our honorable president, Gary. The other thing 1 candidates look like angels compared to him. Honestly, I think this is the worst candidacy race we’ve had for the GOP. The candidates in this race for the thing 1 party are a crapshoot compared to previous years. I have never seen a more incompetent line of debate than when I watched a good portion of the debates.


You are years ahead of your time in maturity mate. Well said, well thought and most importantly you consider the needs of the many before the needs of those who already have big pockets.

I’ve often thought that anybody in the world should have the ability to vote for the US presidency, due to the gigantic impact that person plays in every other country.


Legitimately keen to hear what Liberal/National Policy you agree with?

  • Corporate greed?
  • Cutting a Royal Commission into child sex abuse so we can investigate Labor? All while taking helicopter flights around Melbourne on the public purse?
  • Cuts to education?
  • Cuts to healthcare?
  • Climate change not existing?
  • Increases in red tape?
  • Increase to GST?

(Of course I’m going to make it sound like you’re a horrible person, you Liberal conservative you =p - but am legitimately keen to hear your opinions on policy)

Not going to lie, I sit right in the middle, and really can’t stand both sides right now, but I currently see Labor as the lesser of two evils. But, the fact we can have different views and still live freely makes me very happy to be Australian :slight_smile:

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@ozenigma I am not nearly informed enough to discuss that right now, even more so because this is for the US election. I don’t wanna derail the thread into Australian politics.

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