Satoshi Tajiri, Elon Musk, and Little Akara Crissel

To those who wonder why Thuan (@autisminstruct), Steve (@steveaoki) and I work so hard on raising money for Brain health research and autism therapies, it’s because of the amazing people like my daughter Akara who have dreams and aspirations like the two gentlemen shown below had.
Go to and get my rookie NFT where after expenses the bulk will go to the
For those who would like to donate direct, and have a chance to win a poster autographed by 17 PokeCelebs like SMPratte, LeonHart, RealBreakingNate, Steve Aoki, Rusty Oakley, PokeRev, SuperDuperDani, OldSkoolPokemon, ThePokeJew, and many more…please do so at

Thanks to Scott here on E4 for allowing this to be posted here.


Gary I think it’s misleading doing something in the name of charity and pocketing minimum 50% yourself.


Wait? What? Really? :thinking:


When I want to support autistic people I just nitro boost the e4 discord server


Little bit strange this was only said in the comments under a single post… If you are planning on profiting from something, that’s fine, but forcing your charity down peoples throats while doing it seems incredibly disingenuous.


You quoted my post, but I hope that your comment isn’t directed at me, as I have absolutely nothing to do with this charity.

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Oh dear! of course not! I don’t use the forum often, I suppose i was just leading on from your comment more than anything. Sorry for the confusion!


OK, whew! No problem :slight_smile:

Just wanted to make sure that nobody mistakenly associates me with this fundraiser.


I would imagine it’s more likely that blue gorilla/other people that help set up the NFT/process/etc is taking the rest, not Gary.

My only regret is that this thread will be locked by the time I wake up in 8hrs


Gary said 50-80% is not going to charity. Where or to who it goes is not the important part. It’s the lack of transparency and saying this is for charity, but in reality minimum half is NOT supporting the (?) charity. - If he hadn’t been asked it would also not have been posted anywhere, not that I know of at least. Kudos to him at least being honest when asked, but still it’s a ridiciously low amount of the revenue.


Also, might I add that if you are a registered charity, afaik you don’t need to pay taxes on an NFT, assuming the profits are going to said charity. Although this may vary depending on the site used to sell, at the very least its being used to profit when being advertised as a going to charity. sus

Of course you’re right. 100% of my share is going to the AokiFoundation and that percentage is determined by the amount brought in. It’s okay though. The haters aren’t the donators;)

The net revenue of these sales don’t go into charity, they go into the Aoki Foundation.

I invite everyone to check out the latest Returns of the Aoki Foundation:

In 2018 the Aoki Foundation spend :
$45’707 on professional fees (this is not charity, who might be the professionals?..)
$16’199 on production cost (this is not charity, whose production?..)
$8’406 on Travel-Airfare (this is not charity)

the only expenses that came close to a charity were:
$10’000 for the American National Red Cross

private foundations are amazing, aren’t they.


Except in 2020 over 400,000.00 went to charities that were designated by me and this year we will hit 1,000,000.00.

You all dare critiquing a charity, disgustang

Nobody were questioning whether your share went to charity or not. The point was that the majority does not go to charity. I wouldn’t call myself a hater, but you’re right that I haven’t donated. I’d rather the majority of the proceeds go to charity.


Would we be able to see publicised documents of the 2020 statistics at all? I’m not a hater, I’m someone who doesn’t like to be misguided and I feel no comfort in donating to your charity as I have absolutely no idea where said money is going. Thank you


Claims like this alone are somewhat meaningless by themselves - great, you’re planning on hitting $1m in charitable donations, but figure may pale in comparison to the overall foundation’s profits.

You should get Steve to have the charity assessed by Charity Navigator. That’d give everyone a good overview of how the money is spent and would be a lot more meaningful than saying $X went to charity. Autism isn’t currently mentioned on Charity Navigator’s Aoki Foundation entry (