Australia is Weird.

@smpratte this is going back a page, but the claim that Australian made porn being illegal if the girls breasts are too small is absolutely not trolling and is a law.


Yep tiz pretty bad… Our current government said in his own words that he wants American Corporations that make the big movies to come and sew Fathers, Mothers, and Students. The keys to this have been given out on october 10th, and we lost our freedom on the net. Alot of pokemon data will be stored from my end thats for sure.

You have got to be kidding? What’s the reasoning behind that?

I would assume it has some convoluted, and incredibly moronic reasoning to do with small breasts being associated with pubescent girls or children, or it encouraging people to be attracted to small girls because adult women totally can’t have small breasts.

Whichever way you interpret the purpose of the law, it’s stupid. I’d put it into the same stupidity tier as all the porn laws in UK with what content they can produce.

Australia is still prison colony, so there be more rules for regular things that people do, the more revenue raised from people in jail. There is alot of money in having a bunch of slaves doing shit for you. There is alot of prisons being built around here man, especially last 2 years. That’s just one of there corrupt, and insane reasons.
They say these spying laws are for our protection against terrorism… Yes… Terrorism… More and more laws will be passed like this stupid one so they can do all sorts of crazies like sewing students, Parents, or anybody for downloading shit.

Australia is like a Testing ground for these things. They all get together just sit around and decide Hmmm… Let’s try this to see how much they yell and scream, and what we can get away with, and then every other government goes OOOOOOOO! Look at the people of over australia, there okay with there government climbing into there beds at night and licking there ears… LETS TRY IT HERE!! David Cameron passes crazy Porn laws, so Australia has to follow. We here in Australia should be lining up with out Hayforks & Torches at these peoples houses.

You won’t be able to click on a link to important infomation that exposes these dooches for what there doing without going to jail in the future if this shit keeps up. Get your Tinfoil Hats out peeps.

Yeah, David Camerons head is full of potatoes. He is basing his future decisions off crime dramas on Tv… I.E Encryption, and surveillance.

Care to share which legislation is this? I’m curious to know.

Mulhouse can you move this australian law to its own thread.

BTW here is another law in Australia female vaginas have to photoshopped to all look they have small labias. Can’t show any beef curtains. I think I bookmarked a video on it.


I took the liberty of moving all these posts to a new thread. And, I collected a couple memes to accurately represent my reactions to this:

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Ah, my post has inspired it’s own thread

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Whoever thought of making that law, likes him some DDs.


I see. Interesting. They even took away your guns so you can’t even defend yourself against the biggest threat of all…them. Exactly what Getmany did in the 1930s.
It’s sort of like what our ignorant liberal politicians would like to do here. They won’t be satisfied until they render you defenseless then jump in and control your life all the way down to wiping your arse’s.


I’m australian and didnt even know any of this. Just shake my head…

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Also another fun fact, Australia’s Military WILL PAY for breast implants for female soldiers.


Noooo @KingPokemon. Don’t do it.

Ok back on topic, there are lots of weird laws that are generally leftover from older eras. They’re never enforced, however.

Some of my favourites:

  • It’s illegal to change your blown light bulbs in Victoria. A licensed electrician must be the one to handle anything connected to mains power and you can be fined at $10 per light bulb. Honestly, you’d have to imagine that administrative fees would be higher than $10 so pursuing this one would be a net loss for absolutely everyone involved.
  • You’re not allowed to walk on the right hand side of a footpath. By law.
  • Children can never purchase cigarettes, but are legally allowed to smoke them.
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge is technically a part of a livestock herding route, so you’re legally allowed to seek permission to herd your cattle across the Bridge between midnight and dawn. I’m legitimately curious how cows are charged for tolling purposes.

The last time we voted liberals in they bombed to death 900,000 Civilians so One guy could profit off it. This time there spying on the whole nation, and taking our freedom away. I wish all the senile old people couldn’t vote, because for one thing, there all Loyal to the liberal party for absolutely no reason at all, and they don’t know why there voting. The Liberals here in Australia do not conserve, all they do is conserve the right to take all the money and give it to the giant rich mining tycoons, Deregulate shit I.E University Fees, Alow mining companies to poison our water, blow up all the agricultural land, You know? All the fun and good stuff. They spend billions of dollars trying to save there own asses, They send people off to war to look heroic, spend billions of dollars on lobbying to get rid of peoples rights, Old peoples pensions, when this shit only cost the budget a small amount compared to the 50 billion spent over a few years… AND THEN, AND THEN, THEY HAVE TO GET ALL THE MONEY THEY LOST, GAVE AWAY, AND APPARENTLY CONSERVED FROM SOMEWHERE!!! SO THEY TAKE IT FROM THE POOR, and slam it in there faces by lies through the media and turning everyone against each other. The Liberal party of Australia Ladies and Gents.

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Just a reminder. Our “Liberals” = US Republicans in terms of philosophy and political agenda.

Not 100% true. It has to be observed that the female member requires the surgery as part of a mental health or confidence reason.


Lets take a moment to reminisce about our good ol ex prime minister tony abBott and look at another video that is my favourite, nothing like crashing a mining awards night because they do so much for our country and all - ABBOT VIDEO Top 10 Cringeworthy Tony Abbott Moments - YouTube

MINING CRASH VIDEO - Coal Hard Cash: Greenpeace crashes the #miningawards - YouTube


Yes @ozenigma I hope most people know, and especially in aus that our liberal party is very right wing

shake my head