Opinions on autographs and sketches

you blurred out Disneyland’s area code lol

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I’ve never been into autographs, even outside the Pokemon world. If I meet or talk to someone “famous” I don’t need their autograph or a selfie with them. I just like chatting with them.

I never had a strong desire to get autographs in any other aspects of my life so why would I do it for Pokemon cards? I don’t want to do it for the wrong reasons (money, clout, etc).

I went to Baltimore regionals, and yeah part of me does wish I would have gotten an auto from Saitou but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter much to me. I enjoyed playing in the event itself and an auto would have been nice but not worth it to me for how much of a shit-show it was. I signed up for the event before I knew about the signing so my main purpose was to go and play the TCG.


I reckon adjacent-people are better than artists weirdly enough. Like voice actors for example. The artists name is already on the card in ink, no need for their scribble to be added to it.

But yeah overall I don’t like thick sharpie lines on the card. I enjoy the card itself too much and it’s basically defacing it for me. I think it’s more “true” to the artists to let the card do the talking.

Only if I was there myself and if I liked the artist and obviously it has to be personalised otherwise, not interested at all.

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Should of shut my mouth next time. Didn’t assume ppl like Magmar in here

I think in the beginning many people were used to Arita who would essentially just sketch the Pokemon that is on the card. But other artist more commonly only allow a set of sketches that a person can pick from as it helps them be better prepared. So in many cases a person does not have an option to even choose the Pokemon that is on the card. For events like that I have no issues with a different sketch on the card as the only other option is no sketch at all.


It’s easy to brush off autographs as boring or weird until you get your first one. Then, an alien lifeforce plants a viral disease into your brain making you crave the experience at all costs.

The first auto I had done in person was for @gemmintpokemon at worlds 2018

I didn’t realize how emotional the experience would be and I got hooked ever since. It’s really hard to explain. I’ve seen a lot of people during their “first time”. Your hands get all shaky and your mouth is dry and you don’t want to say “I love your work” because you know everyone is saying it yet you still say it anyway. You try to watch them do every stroke but your mind is racing. They are done so you say “arigoto” with a very pronounced “r” and do a little bow since this is obviously the polite Japanese thing to do. Then you leave and you want to pull out the card every 10 minutes to look at it and you relive that moment again but at a fraction of the potency. Congratulations, you now carry a mental virus that is only satisfied by spending a disgusting amount of time and money for the next brief window where you get to watch some Japanese person you just met scribble on your card


Why waste your money on drugs when you can get the same high by meeting a Japanese artist?