The coolest autograph cards I ever seen - PWCC Auction

Alright. I was just checking PWCC for this weeks auction and came across these two:

Are these not the coolest things you’ve ever seen? If I had the money, the amount I would pay for these… is unhealthy.

Anyone know the history behind it?

Links to auctions:


Insta post


I was also intrigued, definitely the coolest use of a signature that I’ve ever seen!

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Such amazing cards! For me most def top tier.

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So am I reading this right? Seems like the player just brought these for them to sign? Like they are basically the teams own custom card? Or was it official branch of TPC who made them?

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That’s probably right. The grade also only applies to the signature, not to the card itself. The card itself is actually pretty roughly cut tbh. Basically a sticker cut out and pasted on top of an actual card, by the looks of it:




Hope someone buys it so we can try and figure out whats underneath the sticker. Maybe its a ditto :flushed:


It’s just my impression or lately signature cards have become very popular.

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Probably partly due to covid pausing most signing events. But these cards are solid regardless. A really clever concept!


It’s just the way these things work. Everyone starts from base set or modern walmart products and eventually the vanilla stuff just doesn’t cut it anymore

2.5 years in from the Logan Paul box break, that cohort of people are finally developing exquisite taste


Have there been any artist signings since covid began other than the recent Tokiya one?

Do you have any kind of pen to recommend to get the card signed? Or does the artist usually use his own pen?

I think a good pen must have these three requirements:
-The tip due to the pressure exerted does not damage the card.
-Durable over time

Sharpee is the standard!

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Not that I know of, but the existing signed cards have been on the market throughout the last 2 years

Sharpie! Just be mindful that the Sharpie color will affect its desirability down the road if you choose to part with it. I prefer black Sharpie, and I suspect many do as well.


This will always be my favorite I own:

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Could just be me but im fairly used to getting in person autographs. Sharpies seem to look bad on all the modern japanese test cards ive tried.

Thicker super sharpie is usually good for bolder sigs is even worse.

I had some sucess using pentel perment markers but as you can see even they come out abit streaky on modern Japanese. :frowning:


I didnt knew this existed and I really like the idea behind it! I hope they do something like this again in the future! :slight_smile:

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For those of y’all interested in the final prices:

Pikachu: Ken Sugimori - $33,000

Pikachu: Kouichi Ooyama - $15,600

Crobat: Midori Harada - $8,100

Electrode/Voltorb: Mitsuhiro Arita - $4,920

Ditto: Takumi Akabane - $4,440


what the fuck