Official PCL blogs and resources

You have a Twitter account? And PCL use it? OMG!

Um… OK you won’t see me for a while whilst I read all of this information. OMG! How did I not know this?

What’s the first major official card blog?

Oh and Will - this is the sort of thing I’m going to move into the insider only thread. What’s so wrong about that?

Which parts are Daisuki-only access? I can see posts?

This is too cool - I want to block out Saturday to go through and digest this info!

Well this is officially the ignoring the OP I’m talking about Pokémon again thread.

So, I’ve been going through some of the blog posts. One that was interesting was this one.

Is it just me or did PCL say that the English style booster packs don’t suit Japan at all? It’s a very interesting comment. It’s like official confirmation of TPCi suckiness (OK, that’s not what it’s saying at all but still, interesting comment)

LOL, hell yeah! It’s an amazing resource, exactly the kind of thing we created this Bureau for

I love that new card! The treatment kinda reminds me of the Crystal Pokemon on a metal card. Gorgeous, just totally gorgeous

(I tried commenting on earlier but something screwed up. Oh well)