Korean TCG

I’ve been thinking that I know so little about it, so did some digging around. There’s an excellent little resource: www.poisonpie.com/toys/korean/index.html

It’s not as pretty as collectorviper.com, but meh :stuck_out_tongue: Does anyone here besides Cally collect the Korean stuff? It looks pretty cool to me.

I think its a great testament to the game that the Korean version has kicked off alive and well. My only issue is that the powers that be have decided on a different set system to both Japan and TPCi :confused:

I think HGSS has started to hit, but apparently EX Power Keepers was the last set under the TPCi system. Korean wasn’t a supported language was it? :S

The one language I wish they kept up was Dutch, I feel bad for MvDV (of www.pokemon-paradijs.com fame) who has diligently carried on collecting the English version!

Yeah I agree, for some reason Japanese looks more pleasing than their Korean counterparts. If you want to upload scans, please do, but I’m not planning on cataloguing them (I’m late enough with the Japanese ones!)

I know viper.fox has the first set, so will definitely scan those in at some point!

The bit that looks weird to me is the card names… but it’s the same font as the attack text! Urgh, I’m going mad!

Thanks for the scans though! :blush:

From where? (If a site rather than a private seller, it’d be good to let others in on a whole new side of collecting!)

That’s cool :blush: PM away people