Pokemon card Resourse

Last night I had an idea for a new Pokemon card website and I was wondering if anyone would like to get on board with it. Please not this is still in the very early stages and things can/will be changed.

Here is a link

Now this is just a proof on concept so to speak. I decided to use google pages rather than script one from scratch because if anyone would like to edit/contribute they can. Dogma/Viper.fox I hope you do not mind, but I borrowed your Jungle set list to show how it could be displayed on the web page. The home page is set up to show recent posts such as new and various other announcements relating to the Pokemon TCG. On the Right are the documents/Set lists which can be viewed. These pages can be accessed individuality from the navigation on the left side as well. In addition there is a recent updates gadget to show what has been done to the site and would be of use/interest to the sites viewers. In addition I also created a for sales page. Scott, I hope you don’t mind but I used your two trophies as an example. Here we can list our duplicates or if someone were to contact us with a higher-profile/Special card we could list it for them. As a seller this could be beneficial because you are getting your target audience, especially if the site takes off. However the “listings” on will provide and e-mail of the seller under inquire thus promoting a private sale which are usually more beneficial for both the buyer/seller rather than ebay.

It is my goal to collaborate with the The Pokémon Collectors Catalogue Project and other members to bring all the documents, History, sales and a myriad of other things all in one place. Maybe we can finally get a website going that is finally dedicated to the collector.

If anyone is interested please PM me…and Dogma, Viper.Fox and Scott…if you would like your stuff removed I will do it immediately. I apologize I didn’t ask first but I guess I got a little excited. :sweat:

Mike its not problem! I like the idea! I am always trying to find information about SSB/TMB and the original tournaments. Are you using waybackmachine for info?

This is a frigging awesome way of putting the catalogues onto a site. So great idea just for that.

I like it. It will make my life easier in terms of collecting info for future catalogues. I don’t see this as a replacement for my project, but then it was never supposed to be.

Tl;dr - I’m impressed :blush:

Thanks! I’m glad to see so much support! :blush: Whenever I get home from work tonight I will send out PMs to those interested. We can all talk about the details and I give editing permission to those who would like to work on it. There is definitely a lot of information out there, it just needs to be found and compiled.

Dogma- I think our projects could complement each others quite well!
darkrai-I will will make sure I send you a pm tonight…there is a lot of stuff you can help with.
Scott- I used the way back machine, google japan, and I got that SSB page from the official book 2000 translated. I contacted media factory and they did say they made them (obviously :stuck_out_tongue:) But they would not tell me how many were printed as that was not “public knowledge” :confused:

I think the main challenge will be dividing up the tasks and everyone’s roles on the site. So if you have a preference, let me know!

Whoa! They wouldn’t tell you how many books were made? Or are you talking about the trophies!

Yeah, I’m probably going to steal info fromt this as this project gets going :blush:

Haha feel free as long as the pcr can display your card guides :blush:

Scott, they would not tell me how many trophies were printed

They know how to keep things interesting!

I want to know when you contacted media factory. If you emailed them recently, I’d quite like their details (pm me, don’t leave them on the general board)

Yeah I got a reply from them a few days ago. I’ll Pm you the details. I just wouldn’t make it a habit of e-mailing them every question you have regarding cards :blush:

They will cry by the time I’m done. Or put in a restraining order :confused:

Nah you’re right, we shouldn’t abuse their time :blush:

Maybe if I tell them I have all of their SSB’s they will talk!

Hahaha I wouldn’t. I doubt they get many questions regarding those trophy cards too often. Last thing I need is them getting angry at me…those guys have my e-mail :thinking:

Scott, you can try to use that as leverage but from what they relayed to me, they can’t release that type of information.

I want to check; what precisely is the relationship between media factory and PCL? I thought PCL as part of Pokemon Inc. now develop cards and products. Does media factory still manufacture them?

The reason I ask is that what I really want is for them to release an update to the 2005 master cd with the new releases and better scans!

Ever wonder who decides what what new cards should be made? Or what their attacks should be? Or rules of the game? Well, According to Wikipedia: The Pokémon Card Laboratory (PCL), located in Japan, is the designer of new cards and the ultimate authority on any matter relating to the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It can declare rulings on any in-game circumstance, issue errata, change card text after publishing, and change the basic game rules, although the latter three rarely occur. PCL runs Organized Play in Japan.

…The PCL Designs/ Creates them, Media Factory Prints them and Pokemon INC. Markets and sells them I believe.

That’s why I’m surprised that MF gave you as much info as it did. I would’ve expected them to honestly not know!

I really like your idea! I am sure I have some pics and photos which I collected over the years and could be useful for the project.

I used to have access to the page 2 days earlier, but now it says: You need permission to access this item. :thinking:

That sounds great! Oh I must have changed the settings to private and never changed them back :stuck_out_tongue: Ill fix that now!

Mike hates us all and thinks we’re too good for his project now :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha noo :blush: I was trying to figure out a way to make just the buy and sell part of the site a login. I guess I must have made the whole site private :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, dogma are you interested in become a collaborator? If not its cool.