I am thinking about opening an online store/website. I have been trying to think of a catchy domain name but so far I have nothing. The store will be mostly pokemon cards with a a descent amount of sports memorabilia and hockey cards. Also the website will hopefully feature my collection and articles/links to related sites such as this.

If anyone has any ideas for names feel free to post. I appreciate any input you can provide!

I think I heard you lived in the American west, so how about “Death Valley Cards”?

He doesn’t live in the west :wink:

I actually live in the Mid-west. My first idea was:

It is already taken but it would of been ideal. It would of stood for Sports Memorabilia & Pokemon. It also would of been my initials.

Maybe for Scott’s Sports Memorabilia and Pokemon

That is not a bad idea! I am thinking of a site that is mostly a store but has my collection in there as well. I don’t know if I should make a name related to my ebay or shoot for a catchy name everyone knows, for example: collectors cache, troll and toad.

Those examples are also prominent because of their inventory, but their names are still memorable.

Another name I have thought of is “”. This incorporating trophy cards from pokemon along with the rarer rookie cards I sell that are “trophy case worthy”.

I like trophycasecards better personally. It would be way easier to remember vs. Smp or ssmp. Go for the catchy name that will be easy to remember in my opinion.

Thanks Jason, I am strongly leaning towards it at the moment. I think it rolls off the tongue well enough.

Anything ending with cards is a good choice and I think that should be a given. I think it rolls off the tongue well too.

I like smpcards and scottscardemporium a lot! Universalcards is good too but possibly too generic? Cool ideas!

Yes, the ScottsCardEmporium really stands out to me. SportsThroughPokemon is also good. I will hopefully decide on something in the next couple days!

I would agree that TrophyCaseCards and ScottsCardEmporium are probably the best names, they’re pretty cool.
SportsThroughPokemon is also good, I just think it lacks the ‘what it is’ exactly, with the emporium this tells you you’re a merchant of cards. TrophyCaseCards is more to the point of being, that is what your selling and showing. So personally I would go with one of these! :blush:

You’ve got to have a catchy name! That’s the more important than your merchandise.

Keep this example in mind.

If “Pokemon cards” crosses someone’s mind you want a catchy name for them to relate to.

I’m naming my favorite eBay names here:

old-skool pokemon

Something to stick in people’s minds.

This one sticks in my mind is It just seems like it would catch on easily.

After that would be

But I’m just stating my opinion & experience. :wink:

Scott, I have debated on having a storefront for a long time. In the end, I came to the conclusion that it is not worth it for me. However, knowing you and the situation you are in, I think that selling cards for a living is what fits to you.

On eBay Germany I am very well known and have a high reputation. If people already know you, things are a lot easier. Luckily, you are well known on
When people know you it’s much more likely they will buy from you.

I would probably go for a name that is similar to the one you use on ebay. Like That’s catchy enough.
Another reason not to use a name that is too catchy is because of SEO. When you use something like there will be a lot of websites with a name like that. When you start your website you will get only a handful of views per day. This does not really help you website being rank on the top spots.

You also have to consider that you have to do all the programming and layout work yourself (or let a friend do it) because it will get pretty expensive when you have a proffessional do it for you.

Also consider that you at least have to have about $10k to sell cards for a living. I would also strongly recommend selling booster boxes because that’s easy profit.

If you still plan on opening a store definitely get some business cards and put them in every envelope you send. List a lot more auctions on ebay to promote your store. If people don’t know that your store exists, they won’t buy.
You have to have a lot of variety. I would recommend buying a japanese promo lot on Y!J or from a UPCCC member and list those. That way you attract more buyers and still sell what will be for sale on you website: japanese promos and more.

I hope this helps. Hit me up on facebook if you got anymore questions :wink:

Thanks Dennis for that post! I have chosen one of the names that I think works best for showcasing my collection and selling pokemon and hockey products. I am in the process of putting it together but once I get a good “beta” version complete I will post it so everyone can give feedback!

Well it sounds like the both of you know exactly what your doing so this should be good!
Can’t wait to see the beta version and good luck.

Here is the “Beta” version of my website. The first page is a pretty basic intro with links to my collection, ebay and the new TrophyCaseCards Store!

Everything is very Basic at the moment but let me know what you think!. Oh and feel free to bookmark the site!

I don’t know why it is like that. I just checked it on my phone and it is giving me the same thing.

Here is a link the the store. It is not complete either, but let me know what you think.

Thanks for the link, that’s much better :grin:
I love the Pikachu banner, you will now be able to add the #2 soon enough!
It looks pretty great so far anyway, can’t wait to see what it will look like when your finished.

One little minor thing which is like a pet peeve, backgrounds. Repetitive things like cards personally just looks a bit distracting.

Shopping as a guest is a good idea, a lot of places don’t allow that. You will get more buyers since people seem to be far too lazy to register aha.

Anyway, yeah it’s looking good so keep going at it and in no time you’ll have a fully operational site. :blush: