Help with international TCG merch

So, I was finally able to get around to something on Bulbapedia that I’ve been thinking about for the past year or so. It’s this glorious table designed to help organize all the merchandise for every language released for the card game. However, as you can see, barely any of the pages are created, and information isn’t up for any languages except for English and Japanese. This is a massive project that I won’t be able to do at all on my own, and I was wondering/hoping if anyone on here would be willing to lend a hand adding information on TCG merchandise piece by piece until there’s some semblance of a database for this stuff. This sort of project is %100 a community effort and I think it would definitely benefit future collectors to have this sort of thing documented before it gets too late.

@tonysandlin already started a Pokemon Card Language Library, maybe you can see with him :wink:

I have all Dutch themedecks (sealed) in my possesion if you need scans of these.

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Yeah, that was one of the reasons why I wanted to pull the trigger on this recently. I was honestly hoping we might be able to consolidate efforts and not have to do the same work twice! =p

I can confirm some of the facts.

I’d be more than willing to let you use any information that I have in the document in my thread. French, Spanish, Portuguese are done right now. I have some plans to create a database website that isn’t exactly a wiki. It focuses on quick searching and identification of non English cards. Think of Pokegym’s Research tower, except more detailed and inclusive of all languages. Would you be willing to let me use any information on TCG merchandise from other languages for this project? Of course, I would provide proper citations for any information I publish.


Yeah absolutely! I think working together like this would only be able to make everything better for everyone.

Awesome! This will certainly help things for the both of us! If you find anything missing or incorrect on my documents, please let me know!