Is there a database for all the different pokemon sleeves?

I was wondering about this, does anyone know?

That’s a great idea!

I was planning on doing that

Tough project. I’m all booked up, but I’d be glad to contribute pictures or scans or whatever if someone else wanted to take the initiative.

I would love to see one for coins. Several people have contacted me this year about “rare” coins.

I’ve wanted to put together a solid coin collection for a while now, but every single time I do something really awesome and over $1000 comes up. Hahaha

Good luck on the sleeves.
Tons and tons of Japanese sleeves x__x
LOTS are super hard to find now.

I’ve been trying with coins. I can, with 100% confidence, say that that page detailing all 35 XY coins is complete and accurate (Coins available as of now. There are two Japanese and two English coins on the way right now)

BW on the other hand… I got distracted with a fancy Korean tournament Silver Genesect coin and haven’t revisited that list in a while. I’m trying though! But lots of people are trying with coins at the moment, it would seem.


Very nice! I had no idea there were so many variants. Has it always been that way? I certainly don’t remember but a handful of coins from the early years of the TCG.

There are a lot of color variations with the newer designs. Blisters produce a lot of cool coins.

The Chansey coin has like 5 or 6 variants I can think of off the top of my head. But no where near as many as the starters coins get since Gen 4.

I remember seeing the Prof coin pop up on virbank. any idea who confirmed it will be in the store?

Dan Brandt at Nats. He left the coins at home when he went to nats, and couldn’t hand them out in the professor cup. We inquired why we weren’t getting coins, and he said he’ll put them in the professor store once it is stocked again.