Credits Collection!

Hi all :blush:

Tbh I was hesitant to even join here because it seemed like a lot of people were high end collectors (and maybe you are & thats fine) that were only into Shinings/gold stars/$300+ cards etc etc and trust me thats cool but for me, I just like to complete something or at least be actively working towards it even if it takes 5 years. Honestly I dont have that much disposable income to justify spending crazy amounts on paper. $20 for one card has me thinking twice. But as you know when its shining in your face with a smile like a cheshire cat and you feel warm a gooey inside, well…

Ive also had my partner question my overall decision to collect as we are sort of saving for our own house, I just threatened her that if she question my authoritar any further I just build a damn house out of bulk cards!!! :rofl:

Anyway, rather than post the entire thing we have going on here and really its not crazy impressive compared, it give the kiddo and I joy. She doesnt really understand the situation entirely, shiny card syndrome, so I still told her that if she ever sold them (cause they are really hers), Id have to kill her **jokes**haha** B-|

So to start here is our coin collection. Its nothing that is consistently hunted down but rather a side project that has slowly accumulated and one of those sections that not many seem to care for and that me like them even more.

Thanks for looking and ill post additions and other parts of our collection soon -Peace



Super clean coin collection. I like the inserts you have them in, they fit perfectly!

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Sweet stuff! That’s a really cool way of displaying all the coins. Can’t wait to see what you post here in the future.

While it may seem that a lot of us are “high-end” collectors, the vast majority of us are just normal people who have a lot of time invested into the hobby. Nobody starts out buying those $300+ cards :blush:

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Humble collections are the best collections. :blush:

I love collections that feature peripheral items. They’re a lot of fun…

This is awesome! Do you have a reference point for coins you have/are missing, such as a list posted somewhere? Just curious how you determined which ones you needed and how to organize them in the coin sleeve pages you’ve got!

I stumbled upon this a few months ago:

Seeing all the coins together like that is so awesome (of course the coins themselves aren’t for sale), but I decided it was too ambitious a collection to try to tackle. Someday maybe.


That is too neat @areestee

Never have I ever gave the Pokemon coins a second thought until now. it was really cool seeing the coins neatly presented like that. wow perhaps I should get on this coin action!

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Thanks for all your kind words.

@justinator, yes @areestee has the source. When I was looking around this guy seems to be the only one that has actually taken the time to document every coin released. At that time he was offering to send a pdf of his work if you asked when buying a coin. Although the list I received was outdated a little, it seems he has updated it recently. That package he offers is defineltely worth it although the way I did it ended up being quite a bit cheaper.

Didnt realise this was done 3 months ago. It feels like longer because our collection has come so far since. But his was the first master set and only completed so far. Its just so nice to see everything all together.

Phantom Forces Master Set

When we started collecting this was given by a friend of a friend (among some other things). As it was opened, I got crazy and scanned it just for the sake of digital preservation. I know its nothing new but haven’t seen anyone take it this far in the research I did to find out what it was.

Japanese Video Intro Pack

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Awesome PF set! I’ve yet to get my hands on one of those squirtle deck Arcanines. Beautiful cards

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FINALLY! After 3 weeks of waiting it finally came in the mail :grin:
It must have been the season of mailing fark arounds!

The final piece of the original 3 Theme Deck Exclusives, Non-Holo LC Charizard.

I feel this is an important card (and most prob an under-rated version tbh) to obtain in this arm of the collection.
Will post a more plentiful viewing soon as more additions are enroute :wink:


Nice lc zard, I too want it.

Finally completed my Korean Shiny Collection

Good work!

I tried to complete a BW set in Korean a couple years ago and had to give up because of the virtual impossibility of finding Korean singles at the time.

Not much different now. Only opened 1 box of these and its taken over a year to find 2 cards! Thanks for the kind words :blush:

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After about a year and half, have completed the previously posted Theme Deck Exclusive Card collection
Now it continues to update with newer releases but most of these are variants either holo or non-holo of their other mainstream counterparts. Enjoy!

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I just wanted to say I really like how you store you coins. I have never seen that done in Pokemon before and it really enhances the coins.