This thread is a gateway to post information and discuss content provided by the PTCG BLOG directly. This is so everyone doesn’t need to make a new thread for PTCG BLOG related content. It can be anything from new set releases to trophy card pictures and so forth.

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I came across THIS today. - link provided to the post.

The two cards pictures above are the;
[1999 Tropical Mega Battle Phone Cards - Zapdos & Articuno]

I have never really seen any of these cards about, especially in these folders. Just thought I would show you these awesome prize cards if you haven’t seen this post.

To win these cards (there is also a Moltres) you had to win a match at the Tropical Mega Battle in under 15 minutes. Once you won the match you then picked an envelope which contained one of the three cards as a prize.

Many thanks to the PTCG BLOG and Smpratte for the information and your picture - hope you don’t mind!

Can you tell me about what this blog is? You guys post about it but I don’t really have any idea what it is or who does it :stuck_out_tongue:. Lmk if anyone gets the chance!

Thats a perfectly good question! As to my understanding, the Pokemon Trading Card Game Blog (PTCG BLOG) is a Japanese site created and managed by Creatures Inc.. They frequently post articles about anything related to the TCG just to keep everyone informed about things. Similar to Serebii with news and such but this comes directly from Creatures themselves. :blush:

Thank you so much frosty!! I’ll have to look through all their past posts now haha.

Ha I have ptcg beat in one aspect :stuck_out_tongue:

That is is Korean, not Japanese :blush: Those are their worlds qualifier trophies.

Right… Because the world qualifier victory cups for japan were presented in the cases we have already seen on ptcg blog… These are the same cards but the weiting on the card is different… But i dont know if the card itself is korean…

The text on the card is Korean. The characters are totally different than that of Japanese ones…don’t believe me…translate the article :wink:

Oh there is another difference between the JP and korean versions: the korean has a yellow border such as the normal english cards

Yeah but the card pictures are the same as the JP and english ones…

These must be the first korean trophy cards… Or were there any in the past?

Oh I gotcha. Yes they are, it is entirely the same card, picture, effect, etc…its just that these particular ones have Korean text.

Ah okay thanks guys I believe you!
I’m at work on my phone so I just seen it and was like Ooo cool.
I wish my phone has a built in translator like Google Chrome!
I’ll edit the post when I get home!
Stupid me haha.

Exactly! AND: do you see this golden sign in the middle of the card text? This is also different (the tournament is written there) there are also two japanese victory cup versions: one has the 2011 battle carnival text and the other the 2012 world challenge tournament text (this was japans world qualifier) the 2011 werent given out in cases wheras the 2012 versions were given out in those cases pictured in older ptcg blog posts

I thought both Japanese ones were from the battle carnival…one held at the end of 2011 and one in the beginning of 2012 (which was also a worlds qualifying tournament). The Korean, as you mentioned has has the worlds 2012 logo rather than the battle carnival logo seen on the Japanese versions.

I do like the gold boarder though :blush:

Yeah the 2011 was given out at battle carnival but the 2012 version was given out at the world challenge tournament held during battle carnival 2012… battle carnival 2012 contained several rournaments but the victory cup was only given out at the world challenge :blush: and these two JP versions have a different text :blush:
I like the worlds logo on the korean version… but i like the silver holo border from the JP versions more :stuck_out_tongue: