most amazing PTCG post I have ever seen! - peep it and discuss! :blush:

Jaw drops, wow that’s awesome!
The Pika cards… Lovely, can’t believe they just have them in binders!
And those 2000-2002 cards, are those with the players names of them!? O.o
I don’t think I have ever seen these before.

I didn’t know about the Giratina Trophy there, that’s awesome! :grin:

Also… what year are those Pika promo’s? I don’t see a number in the text…

Those would the 1997 cards!

looks like there are several other cards behind that No.3 Pika, maybe several copies of it? :grin:

Don’t say that! :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully they are just random cards under it, or an illusion from the binder pages under it.

Ring of Triumph!!! - I agree, that is way better! I highly doubt they mass produced those cards and released only a few.

Or it could be the other years that it was printed, or a bunch of zubats!

Something I also noticed is that they have the dates for the pika trophies as 1996-1998.

Zubats! - That one gets my vote :blush:

Hmm…maybe it was a typo, or the forgot when their first tournament actually was :stuck_out_tongue:

My best guess it that their tournament season started late 1996 after the card game was launched and then ended in the middle of 1997 with the first tournament…just a guess. I wonder since the game was new back then if they even had a tournament season similar to ours, or if you just showed up to participate in it.

this is not an official PTCG post, but it looks like someone from japan has been keeping track of these ultra rare cards on their blog:

the blogger seems to be the same person i sold my Neo 3+4 Japanese sets to -

i had to send in that folder because i didnt want them to get damaged in shipping.

Wow that’s pretty neat! I kind of feel like someone English should keep track too, it might help with pricing/whereabouts of trophy cards.

I must say I like his blog, I wish the google translation was not so rough…he even did an post about the phone cards…seems like he does a “card of the day” type posts. …looks like the new victory cup cards have some snazzy new plaques. I wonder if they will put the winner’s name on them like in the past.

Oooh, those look snazzy :grin:!