New Pikachu Full Art Trophy Cards

Finally, 10 years later, they have decided to release new English Trophy pikas! Big kudos to the English TCG for producing new unique artwork, and full arts to boot!


Very unique trophies!

Omg they are amazing

Excellent designs. A card that’s really worth collecting. Wish I have the means to acquire them. Thanks for sharing this great news.

These are simply beautiful. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to purchase one!

This might just be the first trophy I try to acquire.

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Luckily for me I like Number 3 and 4. Those will be much cheaper :blush:

What do you think the going price will be for #3 and #4?

same as the others 1000 to 3000 depending on how many people sale?the question is how much will the no 4 trophy were only 6 were made of the old art. How much will they be worth now?

@mewcollector I don’t follow your post. What do you mean 6?

Also does the 4th and 3rd place have different border colours or is it just me?

last year was the only year they made no 4 trophy pika if I’m right there are only 6 of the older trophy pika in no 4 3 for tcg and 3 for vgc
I may be wrong I just finished a long work day started at 3 am little delusional at the moment

Oh I see.
I forgot about the different divisions and both VGC and TCG.
Wow. I really want to get my hands on these trophies ahahah

I’m trying to figure out why it looks like there are two cards in each of the cases. If it’s a reflection, wouldn’t we see the back edge of the card? :confounded:

EDIT: I see now — the photographs were taken at an angle looking slightly down on the cases, and the reflection is being seen through the flat top of the case.

and the no 4 was only made for the 2013 world championships so they may become very expensive only time will tell but the new trophies 1 threw 4 are awesome but me personally I think they should make each year different artwork depending on where the world championships are located that would be awsome

I love the borders. It’s subtle. Very cool!

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These are very cool actually. :blush:

Awesome trophy cards!!!

Amazing!! I had a feeling that gor the 10th year they could make new ones.

So two questions: are the VGC players getting the cards too?
Will those be given out for the next 10 years?


Here is a better image of the No. 2 that really captures its beauty:

Another with him hanging out with some tournament friends #justtournamnetpromothings:


The number two trophy is BY FAR the most beautiful of the designs. I cracked one of those stupid “is this even real life right now” smiles when I saw Scott’s.

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