Masaki you say? I like the sound of that...

While I haven’t had the opportunity to collect these particular cards, I always like Masaki’s artworks. They’re truly amazing. They would be great addition to any Pokemon collection. Maybe I should start collecting them now while still available and affordable. Thanks for the post and the pic. Cheers.

The image isn’t working for me. :confused:

Heres the direct link to the blog post -

Iv been following Satuku009 for quite some time now, ever since I sold my PSA 7 kamex to him and then see it get sold for 200k yen. He most collects older cards especially the masakis and the neo shinings.

Holy crap! What a nice hoard!

I’ve been thinking of completing a second Masaki set since I just got another Omastar on Y!J, but this is crazy!

The masaki cards are one of my all time favorites. The artwork, the holographic treatment, bright colors and the history of the mail away campaign makes these some of the most iconic promos in the history of the Japanese TCG. …well at least in my humble opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I have heard a rumor that roughly 10k of each card was printed. Does anyone know this to be true? …or is that just speculation?

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That makes 2 of us, I’ve always been a fan of the Masaki set with its special artwork, Omastar being my favorite. From what I remember reading somewhere only 3,000-5,000 of each were made, and considering you had to get (1) Masaki’s Passcard and then the Pokemon you wanted to Evolve, the numbers are probably around that, specially since you had to send 1 Masaki Pass Card for each Pokemon you wanted to evolve (from what I understand).

Heck, hunting down one of the Masaki Pass cards was a real PITA for me, lol.

The Masaki’s helped me transition to Japanese cards. I was watching a YouTube video about some of the “rarest Pokemon cards in a collection ever” or something like that, I had no idea what it was. It had the fan club cards, masakis, ana cards, all sorts of old promos in Japanese. I had already seen the fan club cards and thought they were cool, then the camera shifted to the Masaki set and I had to take a triple take. They took my breath away, I just knew they were rare and I had to have them as soon as I’d seen them! I got a set not long after that, it started me off on this Japanese card journey.

I’ve had the privilege to own about 5 of these sets, if I were to hoard any card set…it would be this one.

Suggest to all to buy them before prices get too high, I’ve noticed a sharp upward trend on the value of these. Not long ago I could snag them for $15 each.

I’ve been creeping around this site a lot. It seems the Japanese are not happy that we keep buying their cards. :slightly_frowning_face: haha. They seem to refer to us as “thugs” or “their rivals” of course that is just the google translation. A couple people have said that they bid higher in order to outbid SMJ or Noppin, hmm ahah. GASP! They know a Canadian bought the Illustrator, I wonder how they figured it out.

Jason, timely suggestion. I think I’ll start looking around for these Masaki cards. I seriously don’t thnk I can go near a trophy card for some time. Not after the SSB. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, I think the Japanese collectors are not particularly happy that we seems to be raiding their national treasures. I wonder who this Canadian is? :wink:

Instead of jealousy I wish they’d maybe reach out to us and share some knowledge. Surely some of the Japanese collectors will have some knowledge of the rare cards right?

I completely agree. I’m sure we can learn a lot from Japanese collectors if they could share they knowledge to us. I for one would like to know more about trophy cards and the amazing artworks on the older Japanese cards. Another thing that I’m sure of is that I will be extremely envious (not jealous) of some of their collections of Japanese Pokemon cards. :blush:

There’s a huge language barrier unfortunately :confused:

Also someone keeps quoting 20 copies for the Unikarp on there. Wonder if it’s true! Seems slightly low.

Hahahaha! I sure am a thug alright…me an my Pokemon cards :stuck_out_tongue: I think that is meant in a more friendly manner…as a rival (I hope).

Whoever it is will forever have to look over their shoulder the rest of their life. They are after you :wink:

Gulp…Tugs at my collar!

They aren’t happy with me! And all of you guys! Shame on us. I actually feel bad that the poster feels we are increasing the prices for them and taking all their cards…but I just love the Japanese cards. I appreciate them so much.

…And I live in Northern Canada where no one will hunt me down and find me :grin: PHEW!

lol, they should be happy we appreciate their cards over the English version of the cards.

Hey Jason, watch out for those Japanese Pokemon collectors! ;D

Sorry mate. The discussions on the other thread is getting really serious. I thought I’d link your post from that thread to this one just to lighten the discussion a bit. Hope I don’t get banned for this. Cheers!

Ahahhahah uh oh I had better watch out!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

@justjinkee Could Pokemon be the next class/community to become associated with extremism? We’ll just have the wait and see. Haha.

@funmonkey54 Nah! Not gonna happen. UPCCC is a peaceful, fun-loving community of collectors. No one has extremist point on view around here. Even the mods are nice. :wink:

Unless you start to question the authenticity and the limited number of ultra rare Pokemon trophy cards. Then all bets are off mate. That’s bounderies crossed.(Pardon the pun.) We will hunt you down like Team Rocket. :blush:

Looks like we have a reply from Japan -