Another Pikachu Illustrator?

I wish I could read Japanese. I believe this article has something to do with the 15th anniversary of the Pokemon tcg and that is all I got out of it. More importantly, there is picture of a rather impressive binder page that would make any collector envious. Is this another illustrator previously unknown, or a top notch collector I was unaware of. Anyway, it also seems the kamex computer error was mentioned :blush:

Wow! What a find! I am trying to compare holo patterns but the angle is awful. :confused:

I do not know the date of the photo. If there were a better picture of that binder we could figure out if those trophies are in collectors hands or not.

Wow do you guys know what year trophys those are?

Here you can see the difference in the text of each year. The top is 97, middle 98 and bottom 99. Look at the last line of each and you can notice the difference.

Good observation! What is the trophy card in the plaque to the very right? Hmm…the archive theory would make sense, the No.1 trainer Pikachu at the top of the biner page is from the first tournament. All are already accounted for, well, supposedly. This would also make the fourth confirmed illustrator pikachu.

It thought the 1st pikachu trophy only had 2 copies, Scott has one and Collectorcache. Lmk if I am wrong.

No your right… but there’s a third in that picture. Either there is more than two, or that one is the TCG’s archive copy.

Do the archive copy’s count in the over count of a card?

Yes and No. I would treat an archive copy like art in a museum. It exists but it will never be available unless you are Ethan Hunt. ;D

And excellent observation Claire! :blush:

That is an amazing binder whosever that is. Maybe it can compete with your collection Scott.

Hahahaha who knows what else maybe in that magical binder or on their office shelves…look out Scott, you got some competition :stuck_out_tongue: …Kinda funny the only people with can compete with Scott is the TCG itself :blush: Anyway, I want more pictures of the rest of that collection!

Haha that is funny. Just shows that Scott is the top collector by a lot. I sure hope more info pops up. I just really wan to know if those are from the archives.

Is there anyone who knows Japanese? maybe if we send them an e-mail and ask real nice they will send us some photos :blush:

haha! I actually looked for a place to send a private message. They only have wall post as an option but I didn’t want to be rude.

By the way, nice mewtwo pic :blush:

This doesn’t have to deal with the illustrator per-say but rather an PCL made: I thought it might be interesting since they mentioned the Kamex Computer Error. Does anyone have a good translation?