I disclosed a secret!! There are 39 illustrators printed!


I disclosed a secret of Pokemon illustrator.

There are 39 illustrators printed!

I wrote the report.


I want everybody to read.


@sataku, how many were given in each of the three contest? Thanks.

Thanks @bagoly14. It’s hard to read the translations on a mobile phone.

So it’s 39 Illustrators issued in total. There are 6 copies that we are aware of. I wonder how many survived from the other 33 copies. I’m sure no one can tell. The recent publicity and discussions may entice other cards to show up.

There is more hope than ever now!!

I used to work in a Fujifilm printing station, I sometimes wonder what paper or panels they we’re printing these on?

@sataku, thank you for your research!

FINALLY! I guess 39 seems about right, its inline with 34 of each place of the original No.1-3 Pikachu cards.

Although its more than originally thought, 39 is still a very low print run. Especially in comparison to the 1000 University Magikarp which were printed…and those are hard to find as it is!

Anyway, maybe this give collectors more hope in trying to obtain one :blush:

On a side note, I wounder how many survived the ravages or childhood?

Give me hope that I could own one one day lol

Glad to hear it! So happy for finally have some published numbers attached to these cards :blush:

39 is a really small number. The number of Masaki cards is in the 5 figure range each, and there were 1000 Unikarps (and we all know how many of those we get to see. Not too many!).

From what I know from the coin collecting world, 39 is peanuts. And again, we all know many will eternally stay with the winners, not to mention the number which were probably damaged (or lost?) by kids.

For reference, there were just over 50 Russian Faberge eggs crafted 100 years ago and only 42 survived. They have sold for close to 20 million dollars for a single egg. Not equating this card to a famed piece of art, but in the world a number like 39 is considered almost nothing, and exceedingly rare.

So long as there are more collectors out there wanting the card than there are copies available, its allure will remain.

I think it should also be pointed out that in almost 16 years since the cards were given out, only 5 (or was it 6?) copies were sold in the market. On average, that’s only 1 card every 2 to 3 years.

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There will be more popping up in the future so collectors have hope to get one… Of course 39 is a low number but I really didnt expect that… there are past 2003 cards that are rarer in terms of how many exist… and 39 is much compared to 4, 6 or 9 copies that everyone thought exist. But of course, 6 billion humans and 39 illustrators… still amazing :blush:

Mike: is the number of pikas 34? I thought 30… Did we get any further regarding the pikas? :blush:

So now what are the second and third rarest pokemon cards?

#1A) Base square cut no stage Blastoise.

#1B) Fossil “Cigar Paper” Hitmonlee

#2) ? ? ?

#3) ? ? ?


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I’m making a highly detailed one but not until April/May :blush:

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My exact thoughts! If I were more knowledgeable, I would love to put one together; but alas, I am not. :slightly_frowning_face: