Trophy Cards & Rarities --> How many are left in the wild?

Hey all,

I thought this would be a fun project for our forum to work collaboratively in solving.
With certain cards, we know the exact print run or have documentation to support the number of existing cards in the world.
I think it will be a fun task, if we tackle cards 1 by 1 and then list where they went, or who owns them etc.
Kind of like putting a puzzle together. That way, for years to come, we can either trace when cards exchange hands, so we know the legitimacy or for those avid collectors who are still searching for certain trophies, we are able to pinpoint how many are left out there.

Not entirely sure what happened to the thread from 2014, but we will start from scratch.

As this thread evolves, I’ll update the second post, with a breakdown of the card & location(s)/owner(s)!


Post #2 - Here to be updated as the thread evolves.

Pokemon Illustrator (39 Copies Worldwide)

Location Notes
#1 @mkpokecc PSA Authenticated
#2 @smpratte PSA 9
#3 Private Collector PSA 9 Sold by smpratte for $54,970
#4 Private Collector PSA 9 Sold by smpratte for $50,000
#5 Creatures Inc. In the master binder.
#6 Stephy S. Beckett Graded 7.5
#7 piloul_collector_ Instagram Photo
#8 @cbd1235 PSA 8

Let’s start with the Pokemon Illustrator, as it is the cornerstone of the site. We all know that smprattican has a hoard of them in his vault, so where are they hiding?

There are 39 in the world! :blush:

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A dental surgeons got one, steph has one, and a horrendous french woman has another. So thats 4 total lol

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I have one,
But she goes to another school…


Lets not forget “Steve” from Blues Clues. I hear he’s an avid collector.



Who is the french woman?

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I got one, so I guess you can add that to the list. Perhaps make a table or some way to keep it organized?

Creatures inc. actually has a copy of some if not all trophy cards made, archived in a binder.

@missingno I forgot entirely about that one. Would that count as part of the 39 distributed world wide or its own separate entity?

@mkpokecc I added your illustrator! Do you know of any others I might be missing? :open_mouth:
Also took your table advice.

Wooo! I had a half decent idea!

Umm I think Jason in Canada has one, as long as he didn’t sell it. Haven’t heard from him in years.

@pokemontrader I’m not entirely sure. I assume it’s part of the 39, but when you think of a sheet with even amount of cards in it; it seems like the possibility of 40 illustrators makes sense.

@mkpokecc - I think you might be right? Should I wait for confirmation.

@missingno - That’s true too. It’s just fascinating that all the documentation says 39, because of tournament prizes. Perhaps we need to go on bulbapedia to retrofit the idea eh?

Doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

Wouldnt it be best to start with all graded copies? Even if we don’t know where they are it shows how many have surfaced

There was a guy on YJP trying to sell an Illustrator a few months ago, so you can add that if you want.

gota be aware of fakes though, I saw one for sale on ebay recently.graded is a good starting point to get an idea of the number officially confirmed.

@pokeg that’s true however which one is which? You see what I’m saying?

Nestor used to own a 10, Scott sold 2, but you see what I’m saying?

I remember seeing on instagram a french collector with an Illustrator, so I guess it is her:
(currently this is not the rarest card on earth ^^)

I am currently working with some people on instagram to pull off a mass creature inc robbston.

IF anyone would like to join me and my friendlingz on this escopade of justice to remove the falsley imprisoned trophy cards out of that binder and into the proper prison they deserve and deliver thy birthright of those cardlingz.

Hit me up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

No trophy cards in mint condition should be in binders.