Not bad for my first PSA submission!

Wow I’m super happy with my first PsA submission!!! I’m super surprised at the PsA 6 though but it’s fine because several others were better than expected! :blush:


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Hey, grades mean nothing if the cards are all commons. Show the real goods!

Haha well…I’ve been debating on waiting to show them in a collection thread but all right. I’ll update the main picture.

Apparently I can’t on my phone so here it is:


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Love the Pikachu. I actually had to try twice to get mine in PSA 10. I pulled them both straight from the box too. It was odd.

It’s a bummer the 6 is a part of a trio. But the overall grades aren’t anything to sneeze at any way you look at it. That’s for sure.

Ahhh! You lucky! I need that Articuno sooooo bad!!!

Thanks! Ya I love that Pika and really was hoping for 10 so I’m glad for that. It is a bummer the 6 is a trio but I must have really missed something because I thought it would get a 10 and the other two would get 9’s. Is there a way to find out what Psa took points off for? Really pleased with the 10’s for quick starters too. Thought centering would bump to a 9.

Oh and thanks Raichu! Ya I just have to find a Psa 10 moltres now to go with them. Let me know if you stumble upon one.

If a card looks to be a 9/10, but receives under a 7, it usually means the card has a crease or bend or indent somewhere.

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Thanks for the tip I’ll have to check when it comes in. I’m usually super particular when I check my cards and don’t miss those kinds of things but maybe I did.

I had a card recently that I expected a 9 on and it had a ridiculously microscopic crease as well. It’s the kind of thing only PSA notices, which is why we trust them. Haha

Congratulations on a very impressive result.

Thanks!! I’m super excited!! All my being super picky on my cards has paid off I guess!

And ya I must have missed something small that still counts against you on the PSA 6. I’d like to figure it out when I get it so I know what to look for.

This is a factual statement! :blush:

Haha ya Scott has certainly experienced my pickiness. :grin:

That’s awesome! Congrats on your first AND successful PSA submission!

Thanks so much man! I’m super excited about it and appreciate you guys chiming in and being excited with me :blush:
…even if there isn’t a Gyarados card in the mix :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good job. Congrats:)

Great results! I always say that being picky pays off in the long haul.

That is fantastic you achieved such high scores on the Quick Starter Gift Box cards. I am sure you already know how difficult it is, considering how they were packaged and how old they are. Kudos! :grin:

Thanks guys! I’m definitely very excited. The results exceeded my expectations. Hoping that the other set of 51 cards I sent in come back with similar results :blush:
And ya glad to have gotten such good scores on the quick starter holos. They are indeed difficult to find at 10 quality. Now if I can just get my hands on a PSA 10 moltres I’ll complete the set. I have a PSA 9 moltres and one I sent in with the other 51 to get graded that I’m not very confident in it doing well due to a tiny bend on the corner. I have two master alls with good chances for a 10 in with the 51 so we’ll see. But I appreciate you all chiming in! Thanks