FST's PSA Returns (OH MY GOD)

Hey guys, will post pics of the cards in my collection thread when I receive them back from PSA. But seeing as this is my first PSA Submission, I think I did pretty damn well., with 10/15 cards getting GEM MINT 10!



Nice! Congrats on the grades :blush:

On a side note, it’s a good thing I was the first to sell a Gem Mint FA Dialga and the FA Lysandre’s Our honorable president. I see that Phantom Forces seems to be alot easier to get 10’s on compared to other English sets (Flashfire has been brutal for me lol).

Thanks! I’m overjoyed. And yes, it definitely seems like Phantom Forces is easier to grade. Not complaining though!! My Gengar EX FA was pack fresh, kinda stinks it got an 8.

You’re welcome :blush:

Hmm maybe it had a bit more whitening than they’d like to see in a 9 or 10, or they got overwhelmed with submissions right before Christmas, and whiffed on the grade. You can try resubmitting it if you think there’s a shot at upgrading it to a 9.

It might be the centering. Even pack fresh with no whitening cards can get 8s or worse due to centering.

Congrats on the grades. When did you send this submission in?

Right, forgot about the centering lol. Although tbh, sometimes they let it slide. The Gem Mint 10 M Charizard Ex 69/108 that I have is obviously off-centered and has whitening so Idk. Might depend on which grader(s) end up grading your card.

With cards that have designs extending beyond borders, it can be harder to tell so a little more tolerance is typically given.

@hisoka107 Thanks! I sent it in around Thanksgiving, it was my 15 free submissions with the Collector’s Club Membership. And it was actually pretty well-centered, not perfect, but I’d say it was the same as my Lysandre’s Our honorable president Card which got a 10. Centering is always an annoying issue with grading, I have a PSA 9 Virizion EX FA which is horribly off-center and should not have received that grade.

Nice one mate! Sending in my first submission soon, hoping for similar results.

@guangjohto Thanks! The PSA 10 Darkrai is probably my favorite, as it was so unexpected. Hope you get some great grades too!

Some nice English winners in there. Good score.

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I wouldn’t say near impossible. I’ve gotten several english FA, SRS and megas in psa 10. While not a 50% average it’s still a little higher than the average. I feel it all about luck. I open up enough cases ti get enough of the cards but you have to he lucky enough to get a well printed copy.

Bad luck with the Gengar, everything else looks like nice results :grin: