1st PSA submission

So i finally saved up money for a PSA membership!! So this is my first ever submission to PSA, With hopefully lots more to come (when money allows)


Oo dat Ray :grin:

If it gets a 10, and you want to sell hit me up!

He’s pack fresh from a booster box so I’m hopeing!

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you must be feeling really excited. enjoy these special times! looking forward to see what grades you get.

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Good luck. My first submission back in 2012 is still one of my fondest memories while I have been collecting.


No matter what results you get, do yourself a favor and keep at least one of the cards forever. You’ll really appreciate it in the long run.


Fun times:)

Good luck :blush:

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Actually that base charizard will stay with me! I know it’s not 10 or even 9 or 8… Just fond memories of him from when i was a kid


Awesome, best of luck those are beautiful cards!