Any of you had PSA case issue like this?

Ok so I just got my first PSA submission back (thread here:
but I’m kind of disappointed with a couple of the cases I got back. So first off, its not a huge deal but many of them have scratches on the outside of the case. Like I said not a huge deal, but seems like PSA ought to be a little more careful with the cases. Secondly and this one really bugs me is one of my cards was sealed with a small lint/dust particle trapped in the case and its right on the front in the middle of Pikachu’s body:

Its annoying because its right in the front and is noticeable since everything else is so perfect. Maybe some wouldn’t care but it bugs me. Its like having a spot on a case you can’t remove.

Lastly one of the cards has a large scratch that appears to be on the inside of the case! This seems a little unacceptable to me:

Any of you ever experienced this before? Did this just happen to me because these were the free 7 day turn around and so maybe in a hurry they overlooked some things? Thanks

I’ve never seen an internal scratch like that. Maybe someone that’s submitted several hundred/thousand cards can chime in?

I’d be disappointed too. Don’t feel bad for pointing that out! Haha. With an internal scratch, you might be eligible for a free case replacement with your next submission if you ask about it. I’d certainly say it deserves one.

Sadly this happens… PSA might be willing to correct the issue if you cover shipping costs, but I can’t be certain. Out of around 250 cards that I have submitted, this has only happened 3-4 times (that I noticed).

@bagoly14 have you figured out which kind? Hehehe.

Might be worth cracking the case open for DNA analysis. Real DNA analysis, not PSA-DNA! :blush:

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Yes I’ve had a couple cards come back with lint in the cases or even a tiny thread/hair/fur. So annoying! But thankfully out of thousands of cards graded, it’s happened less than 10 times. I’m thinking of messaging PSA, I would think they would fix it since it’s in the case and therefore their fault. They have been amazing to correct anything mislabeled in the slightest for free (and quickly) I’m hoping they’ll do the same for this.

If anyone beats me to the punch then let me know what they say.

Thanks everyone for your responses! I suppose they are after all human :wink: and do make mistakes. Maybe they’ll fix this for free. But honestly its hard to be motivated to go through the hassle to send it in you know? idk. I’m sure they’d probably fix the scratch but I’m not sure about the lint.

@bagoly14 and @cbd1235 that is nasty to have a hair in there! That would totally ruin the card for me haha! I’d definitely get them to fix that. Well however decides to contact PSA regarding this should update this thread when they do. I may contact PSA monday, we’ll see.

But back to subject. I did not have scratches like that in my first psa return, but some of the cards actually move little inside the holder. Is this common issue, any worth of sending them back getting fixed ?

Some cards do move inside the holder that I just call them"rattlers". I heard that sometime you can press on the joints if the holder and it stops.

One of mine can move a bit. My guess is the Psa cases have a tolerance and movement results in those that are at the large end of the manufacturing tolerance.

Had a few cases come back with small scratches, never bothered me too much. Had a few cases come back with a bit of frosting on them, which is a bit more annoying. But what can you do.

Well I had a fibre of some sort once, And the hairs I’ve had were recognizably very short crimpled fur from my dog which must have got on the card savers/sleeves when I submitted my order, then found their way into the PSA cases. The joys pets afford us!

Psa will recase for any reason for free as long as you don’t delay sending it back:) return shipping will be free too but you must pay shipping to them.


Awesome thanks sounds like I need to email them at once!