New Pokémon officially announced via... Pokémon Go?


It’s giving me some major déjà vu. Was there a scraped version of a nut Pokémon at any point?

I’m not even sure what to think to be honest, even more so considering its reveal via Pokemon Go, personally feel a bit alienated.

It’s designated as a Mythical which I’m not sure I like.

What happened to Mythical looking like they are Mythical?

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I like it. It reminds me of Hoopa and the design is pretty cool to me.

Who else is just mad at Oak. He won’t show us all these old mythical Pokemon he comes across in research until they are seen in the wild. “Hey we found this new guy” Oak: “Oh yeah I remember him”. Like damn just show us all of them now.

Seems odd at first glance but I’ve thought that about a lot of the post gen 3 releases that later grew on me. Hell even if this one never does I’m sure gen 8 will bring some good ones. They don’t all have to be winners and I’m sure Meltan will be someone’s favorite. I think I saw something along these lines a few days ago on reddit that maybe they leaked out of game files.



Reminds me of the terrible mascots for the London 2012 Olympics, Wenlock & Mandeville. Obviously I didn’t repress my memory deeply enough.


I get a strong minions vibe from it. I actually quite like it!

I gotta give Pokemon major props on the reveal of this new Pokemon. For those that were unaware, this new Pokemon appeared after Community Day (if you don’t play - Community Day is when they make a Pokemon appear ridiculously frequently for 3 hours, release its shiny and boost its shiny rate from 1 in 500 to 1 in 20-25, along with other bonuses). You’re basically guaranteeing people will be out and about, with their community. News spreads fast.

We know the Let’s Go games are designed to get people over from GO to the main series on the Switch. You have to do more than just making the mechanics similar though, you have to give the regular players of GO an incentive to play the new game. Now they’ve got one: cute little nut Pokemon. Pokemon GO has a ridiculously large playerbase, and I believe we’re only beginning to see its integration with the main-series.


I managed to see one myself when the Chikorita Community Day ended and it was weird but kinda cool at the same time. Mine turned into a Ditto like most of them did. It’s kinda cute imo, we will see what will it be in the end. I think this is the new Gen 8 Pokemon that will appear on Pokemon Let’s Go games.


Meltan? Ah… when I heard about it on reddit and PokéBeach, the name Dittonut was given by some people, which I liked a lot more. :laughing:

Here some more info when I read about it six days ago.
And here the PokéBeach link with the same video as linked at the top.


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uhhh it’s ok i guess. a ditto with a nut on top of it…

Zygarde 2.0 it seems =\


Why are there an abundance of them if it’s a legendary pokémon?

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I hate it.

I need a real one.


It’s just following the same premise as Zygarde.

So Meltan is a mythical Pokémon with an evolution, called Melmetal: