New Neighbor: Worst Nightmare

I am not one to be easily annoyed but this guy is driving me nuts…

Here’s what happened: Two months ago I moved 600 miles away from home into my first apartment. I had been saving up since I was a kid to get out and finish my degree in pharmacy. I moved into a high-end community that is moderately luxurious (since I needed something rather immediately and the other apartments were infested).

Everything was perfect until a guy moved in on the floor below me. Every single day it sounds like a rave is going on in his apartment. I can hardly go to sleep at 12:00 AM without hearing the constant bass. I study at home and do work at home so this is kind of a big deal. On top of that, this guy apparently has no job because he never leaves his apartment. I reported him to management *twice* and he still continues to create a disturbance. This is definitely not what I expected when I moved here… I find myself making excuses *not* to be at home.

Anything like this ever happen to you?

Hmmm. Hopefully he won’t be there long. Why have you only complained twice? You should complain EVERY time there’s excessive noise. Plus, you can’t be the only one hearing this. He must have other neighbors unless its a duplex. Get them all to complain if they’re not already.
I know its uncomfortable for you and I hope it gets corrected soon.

Ha, you know, I probably should be more vocal about it. I was wondering to myself how the other neighbors put up with it. During the day, the apartment complex is pretty empty so he can easily get away with it. But here we are at 6:24 PM and the guy is still rockin’ out. Thanks for the great advice Gary. :blush:

That sucks, but sometimes they can be reasonable, try talking to the guy and see if he complies, if he doesn’t then you can be much more aggressive on how you deal with the issue.

Admittedly I am afraid he will mug me given the kind of music he listens to.

well, i cant stop laughing… good lord… good luck with that

As it turns out, he is not in violation of local noise ordinances.

Today I renamed my WiFi to: TurnDownMusicPlease


should be like “APT239turndownyourmusic!”

If blasted rave music at midnight is not in violation of local noise ordinances, then you have ZERO local noise ordinances. Your complex doesn’t even have any rules against “disturbing your neighbor”?

You could always have some male friend of yours who doesn’t live there, pretend he does live there, and go ask him to please turn down the volume because he can hear everything and it’s disturbing him, if he reacts negatively he will just shrug it off since he doesn’t live there. If that fails you can fight fire with fire and blast your music like there’s no tomorrow.

I still say confronting him and personally requesting him to lower down the volume is a good idea, you’d be surprised at how many “Thugs” turn out to be good guys, even if from a distance they look like a-holes.