The Worst eBay Buyer EVER!

Has anyone ever had to deal with a buyer by the User ID: brooklyn718sunset on eBay? He’s a fairly inactive buyer on eBay; you may know him on some of the other Pokemon forums as the “No. 1 Pokemon Un-Cut Sheet Collector”

This guy is -without a shred of doubt - THE WORST person I’ve ever had to deal with on eBay since joining in 2009.

It’s a really long story, but here are the basics:

October 13: Lot of sheets sold via auction to this buyer
October 20: Buyer finally provided payment after three eBay messages and “Non-Payment” case being opened
October 28: Buyer receives sheets in the mail, I falsely think this transaction is finally over with

November 20: Buyer opens eBay Case after A MONTH stating the sheets were damaged and that he wanted a “partial refund” of $50.00 for the damages. It’s funny because the buyer only paid $100.00 for the sheets, like really, you think I’m going to give you 1/2 off for something that I still truly don’t believe happened???
November 21: I respond to buyer telling him to return the sheets for a full refund (reasonable on my part I think), but I’m not going to issue a 50% refund on the spot AND allow him to keep the sheets

December 11: Buyer finally gets back to me complaining about how unfair I am for making him return these sheets and not just giving him a 50% refund. Tries saying that I’m in the wrong as the “damage” happened during shipment

Now, here’s a few other details:

1.) I sold two other lots of these same sheets - an international order and a domestic order. All three orders were packaged very well the same exact way and shipped out the same day. The two other parties did not have anything negative to say about the sheets and have long since left me positive feedback.

What does everyone else think about this situation? Has any else had to deal with this buyer - and if so - I’m VERY SORRY for you!

O Yes, I forgot to mention… The buyer escalated the case to eBay and of course eBay ruled in his favor but said that a partial refund was out of the question. He either had to return the sheets within 10 days for a full refund or was going to be out of luck.

That ebayer is actually crazypokemon.

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If its the same uncut sheet guy we all know from elsewhere, I can tell you that he is piss poor with communication. Came to me willing to sell some cards and took weeks to respond to my offers and eventually stopped altogether. This guy is crazy…lol

Can you PM his username… I need to put him on my block list.

I HATE how he assumes the entire world thinks he is an expert on uncut sheets and that we all have this mysteriously high respect for him.

Best conversation I’ve ever had with him was on PokeGym. He was complaining about someone else, saying that this other guy’s actions with uncut sheets reflect poorly on him because everyone thinks of him when they think of uncut sheets.

I wrote “I do not think of you when I think of uncut sheets.”

He responded: “Of course they think of me when it comes to uncut sheets. I’ve been doing this for 9 years.”

So he actually is so conceited as to think that he is the master of uncut sheets and that everyone thinks of him no matter what because of his self-proclaimed expertise.

He’s PMed me with some very threatening words on more than one occasion.
Because I “stopped him from joining a community”
I was not the only member on LJ that reported it. It was completely obvious that he was trying to get the 10 posts thing for sales permission.
Luckily it was extremely obvious and a lot of members reported and he got banned for trying to “beat the system”

It was so he could sell his lots for $$$ and his lots had nothing interesting I’m afraid…

HAHA this guy is always a riot! I’ll bet he is lurking right now and will soon be posting his defense!

LOL I’ll bet he finds a sheet of Illustrators!

This video is hilarious though! How can you not believe he is the expert??? HE KNOWS IT ALL!

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“in other news, a WOTC employee was reportedly gunned down after he tried to make a break for the exit while holding a valuable uncut sheet of Pokemon cards. WOTC officials have refused to comment on the situation.”

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I’m starting to like this guy with the awkward avatar. LOL


OK Good, I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s had extremely negative encounters with this person.
I know for certain that I’ll never deal with him again.

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