Home Broken Into

I had to leave the house to run to Walmart to pick up a few things. I got my stuff and I headed back to my house. There were 4 police cars and 6 police officers in my home. The front door had been knocked off the hinges, stuff everywhere, and apparently they were looking for something. So I was stuck outside with this police officer and they are inside searching through everything, even our dirty laundry. They checked inside my cupboards, under my mattress. They tore my things apart. So, as you can imagine, I’m getting upset…and I’m trying figure out what’s going on. No one would give me any answers.
I asked if they had a search warrant, and if I could see it. The cop in my bedroom yells, “Where is it? We know it’s here!”.
Then I yelled back, “If I had an idea of what you’re looking for sir, maybe I could help!” He shoots me the “you wanna go to jail?” look, so I shut up.
Then he shouts as he looks down at his cell phone app, “Guys Stop! Hold on. We’re in the wrong house! The Pokémon is next door!”


almost got me. almost.

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F u. Hahahhaa the whole time reading that I was going through my mind “Oh shit someone found out where he lives and stole his collection” … Well played


Oh man. Heart was racing…

Hah you’re behind sir. Saw this coming from the title. Smug son of a bitch.

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I was seriously concerned! Definitely got me.


I got distracted halfway thinking about what I’d go for first if I broke into your house.


Fortunately the only collectibles I have at my address are figures, mags, and esterbrook clips lol.

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That’s what you want us to think. :wink:

I’ll ring the doorbell first so I don’t get shot. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will destroy you garinson.

Garinson, pm were i should store my prized possessions.

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Gary wins the Internet not just today, but FOREVER!

You had me until the very last line!

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Now that’s saying something:)

Nah…there’s a couple members here who know that;) Plus your welcome here anytime and you don’t even need a bullet proof vest:)

GOsh… this is some 4 chan level stuff Gary…

Like, the biggest internet troll’s would write this sort of situation haha.

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