Disrespecting a Kind Seller's Time

I’m just going to make my way through this whole story as it occurred because the annoying factors in this situation are numerous.

eBay Member: xpiano959 (Name: Ted)

November 26th, 2013: This member first contacted me on eBay asking if I would take partial trade and cash for a deal. I declined, but was very kind to him and encouraged him to keep collecting.

December 3rd, 2013: This member, after many declined offers from me, sends me a message asking me “When I’m going to go ahead and just list my [PSA 10 Umbreon Gold Star] as an auction since it is obviously not going to sell for the price I am asking.” I explained that I am in no hurry to sell the card and primarily just use it to draw traffic to my other deals.

Pet Peeve Number One: Tell me what I need to do to sell my cards.

December 14th, 2013: No contact until now, but he responds explaining to me that “his friends owns a $550,000 Pokemon store and has for 20 years and is an expert and tells him that my card is way overvalued.” Ted also tells me that “the object of my sales is to make money.” I politely explained to him again that I’m not listing it to make a quick buck. I also found out later this person he is calling a friend is Ed (Ebirdman).

Pet Peeve Number Two: Extremely slow contact/responses.
Pet Peeve Number Three: Name dropping sellers that everyone already knows.

December 14th, 2013: Continues to send me messages about his expertise and collecting goals. I don’t particularly care to hear these, but I am kind anyway and let him talk. It’s nice to be excited about what you are doing with cards and I get that.

December 27th, 2013: More bad attitude about me being willing to sit on cards until they sell at the prices I want. His attitude is increasingly demanding and angry towards me.

December 27th, 2013: Some discussion about my PSA 9 Vaporeon Gold Star goes on and he says “consider this a commitment to buy” and agrees to pay on “1-1-14.” I knew I wouldn’t have access to the card until the fourth of January, so I agree to this. I ask him to email me at my personal address to do more talking.

January 3rd, 2014: Messages me to tell me he needs “one more day to get his proverbial ducks in a row” before payment. I agree to this.

January 5th, 2014: He says “I want to buy the card today like we discussed, is that ok?” I tell him its obviously okay because I was expecting payment the day before. I asked him to email me again (has happened several times at this point) because I am having trouble connecting to eBay. He tells me “He is having trouble too and will try again the next morning.” I ask him to just email me because I don’t like how long this deal is stretching out. He does not respond.

Pet Peeve Number Four: Dragging me out and clearly ignoring my requests (to email, in this instance).

January 7th, 2014: Tells me he “has been involved with selling his home and will be in contact with me shortly. He promises!!!” Later that day he asks if I “got his email” but there was clearly no email sent. He then says he tried eBay and that my account is unregistered. This is false. I tell him very clearly what my paypal is again, what name he can expect to see it sending too, and all that jazz. He then tells me that he’s only ever done this before with one other person. Ebirdman, and that he may have messed up because of his inexperience. I continue to be patient. He agrees to try again.

January 8th, 2014: He tells me he tried again and it didn’t work. I had received 30 separate payments in the last week, so I know it works. I tell him I want payment by midnight or I’m going to ask to not continue with our deal. He tells me that "Ed discouraged doing our deal like this (Despite having done his own deals with him like this) because their is no protection). I explain to him that we have agreed to deal via goods and services, so his protection is there. He then tells me that “Ed told him not to buy it from me and that, with some time, Ed will find him a copy in this condition, grade it, and sell it to [Ted] for the same amount.”

PTE PEEVE NUMBER FIVE: People trying to steal sales. It is tacky, rude, and all-around low in character.

That day (today) he continued to cop a terrible attitude with me and started making demands out of ME that I lower the eBay price to what he wants and he will buy it that way. I told him that I’m no longer interested in doing business with him because he has disrespected my time. He threatened to report me for soliciting over messages. I informed him that he is guilty as well and has given me written confirmation that he and Ed have done the same thing, as well as using friends and family to dodge fees. So turning me in would likely get him and Ed in trouble too. So that was not a good decision. He got extremely crappy with me and here I stand.

Why you should care:

I suggest avoiding xpiano959. Because it is not a straight ripper, I’m not adding him to the official list or anything like that. If he pays upfront through eBay, you should be fine, but I don’t suggest anyone do private deals with him. He will certainly give you the run around, demand lower prices, and cop an attitude with you. He has bad etiquette across the board.

Furthermore, I know some of you have a relationship with Ed. I don’t particularly care what your relationship with him is personally, but I found it tacky to try and snag a deal from someone else’s hands so blatantly. This thread is not about Ed, it is about Ted, and I’m not interested in hearing an argument about Ebirdman’s selling ethics. I included it because I felt it was a necessary part of the story.

That is all. Thank you.

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I hate when people back out of their own ideas. I also hate when people aren’t straightforward with saying no to things. I understand beating around the bush to buy time, like if he needed a few more days to get the money but was too scared to say so, but beating around the bush instead of saying “I don’t want to buy the card from you anymore” is way more annoying.

@funmonkey54, I am certainly not blaming you, but I think terminating the correspondence around the point where he began to dictate how you should sell your items would have been the best course of action. You displayed more tolerance than I would have been able to muster.

Silence is the best way to castigate someone like this. He might change tack, get the cash together and just pay for what he wants. Or he can sit around and wait perpetually for Ebirdman to come up with the goods. It wouldn’t affect you.

Bottom line, you don’t owe an explanation. None whatsoever.

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For me, I like shopping around for the best deals.

I usually only inquire if I think the deal is good enough to grab the card(s) or merch. Unfortunately sometimes when I ask for a quote, shipping is a jerk to Canada and then I feel bad after working out prices and such because I don’t expect shipping to be $20 or whatever.
Usually it takes like $7.00 to ship things. I feel sometimes that people overprice for shipping but meh, they lose business.

However dragging it out that long after admitting to buy is very STUPID.

I never, ever judge people for being honest about needing more time to come up with money. I can relate to that to the fullest extent, coming from a low income background and having low income myself. Surprise bills hit me really hard financially when they come along, so I get that. The issue here is an amalgamation of small things that add up to one hazardous buyer.

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Make sure to add the buyer to your blocked buyer list :blush: Sounds like a real pain in the arse

Already did. :wink: :heart_eyes:

I somewhat doubt he actually spoke with Ed at all. I don’t know the guy that well, but he isn’t in any position to say half that nonsense that Ted was spewing out. At at any rate, that really is a shame he wasted so much of your time.

Judging by how many pointless questions and stories he told me, I get the feeling he probably just bought one or two cards from Ed at some point and spammed his inbox with random conversation and feels like he has some relationship.

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Considering just about every thing “Ted” said was bogus, not sure why you’d believe the one thing that was true was ebirdman was trying to steal your sale? I’d have to confirm something like that first before publishing it here for all of us to see.
I’ve certainly banned him so thanks for the heads up…

I have done a straight sale with this xpiano guy recently. I had no issues with him, but it was a straight sale so there wasn’t any room for any flim flamming or bullshitting in that regard. He PM’d me today asking if I could split up a Clash of the Blue Sky Gold Star PSA 10 set for him. But I had an offer from someone else that I accepted. Kinda happy now that I didn’t have to deal with any attempted negotiations from him.

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Ted just messaged me right now D: lol

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Just got this gem of a message:

“So do you care if I still buy the card?”


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Wow, that Illustrator sure eats a lot. @bagoly14 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never sold anything on ebay and I don’t intend to. Though, I do want to sell off my extra EX cards so I should probably decide on that eventually. Are these experiences commonplace in any website where you sell? I would imagine you might get annoying customers on Amazon too.

Annoying customers are present everywhere. But there are a lot more buyers out there that do not want any hassles and just want to transact business. You’ll always encounter the odd ones but it should not deter you from selling your stuff. There are member around here who can provide advice and lend support if needed. Cheers!

I’ve been doing eBay sales for a long while. I did it with puzzles for a few years before I got back into Pokemon. There are just some days when something particularly annoys you and rubs you wrong. And those are the days I use the sour grapes portion of the forum.

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Absolutely. There are just days when you’d ask yourself if it’s worth all that trouble. I had a buyer once from Europe who can’t wait for his card to arrive from Australia and emailed me no less than 50 times asking where his card is. He even made a threat that he is a lawyer and would sue me. Unbelievable!