Finally, an eBay Success Story!!!

I posted this within “Sour G” as it’s mainly me venting about someone on eBay. However, its recently turned into a renewal of my faith as an eBay Seller - eBay isn’t always about the Buyer (recommend reading)! And, sorry in-advance for the length…

I received a Best Offer of $60.00 on a PSA 8 Shadowless Machamp 8/102. I immediately accepted that offer on November 27th. I waited 3-4 Days for the Buyer to provide payment - to which I never received any payment nor communication. I opened an eBay Case (Non-Payment) on December 2nd. I waited another 3-4 Days for the Buyer to provide payment - again, no payment nor communication. I closed the eBay Case on December 5th. Since I cannot leave Negative Feedback; I left Positive Feedback:

“NON-PAYING Buyer! No Response to Multiple eBay Messages! Blocked from my eBay Store”

That’s my standard copy / paste text for something like this. Thus Far, this isn’t anything I’m not used too - doesn’t really bother me anymore when someone purchases and doesn’t provide payment (guess I’m numb to that now)! LOL

Here’s where the situation heats-up… I wake-up this morning (December 6th) to the following eBay Message:

(Buyer = RED, Me = BLUE):

Sent:Dec-06-18 03:00

Hey man! I never received any messages from you, I’m ready to pay… what kind of feedback is that man lol?

Sent:Dec-06-18 07:00


I’m Sorry; you purchased this card on November 27th. I gave you 4 Days to provide payment before submitting an eBay “Non-Payment” Case. Upon submitting that case, I gave you an additional 4 Days to provide payment. Total, I gave you over a week to provide payment for this card. However, since I did not receive any payment and/or communication from your end, I opted to close this case and get my money back / re-list the card.

You received multiple Automated eBay Messages reminding you to provide payment for this card - the first upon purchase, the second a couple days afterwards, and a third upon the eBay Case being opened against you. So, you received AT LEAST 3 eBay Messages regarding this purchase.

The feedback I left for you is completely justified and accurate. I can’t (and never actually would) leave a Negative Feedback for a Buyer. However, I did want to point-out the situation for other people to view.

Again, I’m Sorry - wish you had reached-out to me sooner.


Sent:Dec-06-18 07:27

I feel sorry for you man, so much stress for 60 dollars🤣 I f you cared that much just send a message and don’t cry by opening a case. I always pay for my cards, but you won’t be seeing any of my money now lol, to bad for you

I’ll contact ebay and let it be removed, you must be familiar with such a thing if you do crazy feedbacks😂 you’re hilarious dude lol

Sent:Dec-06-18 07:40

It’s not at-all stressful for me - I’ve been doing this for awhile now and have learned to just allow the eBay Process to run the course and sort everything out. I’ve got everything set-up as being automated, so there really wasn’t any effort on my part.

And, if you read my Feedback Review, you’d realize that you’re already blocked from my eBay Store - so it’s impossible for you to purchase anything from my eBay Store… I really don’t mind loosing-out on a $60.00 “Sale” (card will sell again).

I’d definitely recommend you calling eBay about this Feedback Review - let’s hear what they have to say! You won’t be able to get that removed though - that’s a Copy / Paste Feedback Review I leave for everyone who doesn’t provide payment. I’ve already covered myself by asking eBay if that was an appropriate review - to which they completely agreed.

Good Luck!

Sent:Dec-06-18 07:44

Haha so much stress, it’s december budddy cheer up​:joy: You must have a great life haha, I hope you won’t be alone during christmas. I wish you all the best with your store, and I’ll let you know once the feedback is removed. I could send you a box of tissues if you can’t offord them?:rofl: Ask yourself how much I care that I can’t buy from you haha

Cheers bro​:sweat_smile::wave:

Sent:Dec-06-18 15:26

Bye feedback😢 thanks for free feedback lol

I stopped responding to this A**Hole after my second response - as I was really starting to get PISSED-OFF and really didn’t want to slam him. Plus, I knew he was just trolling and really didn’t want to waste anymore time with this POS. However, upon receiving that final eBay Message - and confirming that he was able to get my Feedback removed, I LOST IT! How the F*** does eBay remove a TRUTHFUL Feedback regarding a “Buyer” who doesn’t provide payment?:thinking:?

Shortly after receiving that message, I called eBay to figure-out why this happened. First, I got connected with a “generic” representative who really didn’t know what she was talking about (at all). Like, I knew more about eBay than her… So, I asked to speak with her manager - to which she transferred me (probably eager to get off the phone with me)! LOL After explaining the situation to her manager (who was semi-helpful), he transferred me to a manager in the “Resolution Dept.” in the U.S.A. (Finally)!!! Again, I explained the entire situation to him. He understood my concerns, but pointed-out the fact that a Seller cannot leave any type of Positive Feedback with Negative Remarks - I was told differently a couple years ago when I started leaving that NPB Feedback. Regardless, I wasn’t aware of that - and will change my practices. Although, I was still pissed-off that this person could get away “scotch-free” with a “strike” on his account (still able to buy / sell).

I kind of feel bad for this “Resolution Dept.” Manager, as I kind of laid into him… How can a Buyer have all the power over a Top-Rated Seller averaging $30,000.00 to $40,000.00 Yearly Sales on eBay since 2016? He knew I wasn’t satisfied with that whole Feedback Answer, so he told me that he would look into this person’s account for me. As it turns-out, this person has had multiple “strikes” against his account and will receive some form of repercussion with my additional “strike”. That was a bit more helpful; however, I still wasn’t fully satisfied - if he already had multiple “strikes” on his account how was he still able to buy / sell on eBay??? Then, I went all-in - how could eBay Policy allow for such bullying / harassment on their platform via eBay Messages - O Yes, I went there (don’t get on my bad-side)! Haha I hadn’t previously brought-up those eBay Messages, so he wanted to read-through our entire communication (placed on a brief hold). Upon reading those eBay Messages, the manager completely understood why I was so upset with this whole situation. He apologized profusely on-behalf of eBay and told me that he would file an official report for submission ASAP. He couldn’t really get into specifics with me, but he basically guaranteed that this Buyer would get banned from eBay for those eBay Messages (YES)!!!

And, here is where it gets really good… I just received an e-mail from that manager I spoke with explaining that he filed and submitted that report to his boss - he told me that this situation will be resolved tomorrow (as his boss had already gone home for the day - it was late). AND, he gave me his contact information - told me to call him directly if I ever have anymore issues like this on eBay!

Lessens Learned:

1.) Block eBay Buyer “goldytcg”
2.) Don’t get into that tick-for-tat via eBay Messages - it’ll just make you look bad and hurt your case
2.) As a Seller, stand-up for yourself with eBay - they’ll listen!


Don’t Piss me Off! Hahaha

All-in-All, that was well-worth calling eBay :blush:


goldytcg is banned now from bidding on all my IDs
Thanks for posting.


Great story! I hate it when eBay shenanigans happen, but glad when justice is served.


hey there,

I’m goldytcg, the buyer in this case who didn’t pay. Yes I know, it’s my mistake to not pay, but I have my own personal reasons for when I pay a little late, which I don’t feel like sharing with you anymore. All sellers I’ve bought from know I’ll always pay for cards I bought. If you can’t wait a week or 2, don’t be this guy full of stress and just send me a message. If you want to open a case that’s also fine, but it’s your mistake to violate ebay rules and leave such crazy feedback. Ebay removed the feedback as you must know, and now you are going crazy again on this forum. Again, chill out dude. If you are such a big seller who you claim to be then it must happen more often that people don’t pay or pay later as you expected. You want a lot of drama for a $60 purchase which I think is pretty pethatic. Talking about ebay power for a buyer vs you lol, you violated the ebay feedback rules not me. You never took the time to send me a message, but you take the time for weird feedback and all this drama here on the forum. I’m not sure what you want to acchieve. Ok you blocked me, well done, now move on buddy.

Just so people know, I already had this individual blocked on ebay. They are complaining about “ebay rules” when it only benefits them. This individual asked to ship to a different address, which immediately eliminates seller protection. I normally don’t but did in this instance as it was right before shipping packages.

They received the card. Complained about how it wasn’t truly a psa 10. Sent me a condescending paragraph how they are disappointed in me because I make videos, etc. Here is one of their lovely messages.

Absolute waste of time buyer.


as a seller there is probably nothing worse than buyers not paying their items in time. You never know when they end up paying or if they just dont want the item anymore. This all costs time, in which the item could have been purchased by someone else. Hate that feeling and wish there would be atleast some kind of penalty.


Back in the day when Meg Whitman was at the helm of ebay, you could leave negative feedback for non paying buyers. Even typing that feels weird today.


Wait, is it against the rules to leave negative feedback for a buyer that doesn’t pay? How does that even make sense?

Is there any other “negative” experience one can receive as a seller from a buyer - apart from the buyer trying to scam you in some way?

I actually remember being able to leave Negative Feedback for NPB. In my mind, I’ve always viewed this “new” policy as coming into effect relatively recently (at least within the past couple years). However, when I spoke with the eBay Rep. the other-day, he mentioned that it’s been 8 YEARS since that policy was changed! LOL I was shocked to hear that it’s really been that long - would never have guessed!

Kinda makes me feel old knowing that I’ve been active on eBay for about 10 Years now…

I moved and forgot to change the ebay adres, that’s why I asked you to ship to a differrent adress, I don’t see what this got to do with anything tbh, since shipping went all good and I don’t remember you saying anything about that then.

I received a psa10 from you with crazy amount of silvering and you didn’t put anything about it in your listing. I know it’s not your fault but PSA’s. I wanted to ship the card back, because I was not happy and you had a return option for the card. After sending back and then receiving the refund I saw you had another copy for sale and was dissapointed you didn’t offer me that other copy, you listed the other one after selling the card we talk about to me. My reaction was not OK, I agree on that and apologize for that, but as I said I was very dissapointed, just saying this to hope you understand. I think you can agree it shouldn’t have been a PSA10 right? Why offer returns when if someone ships anything back, you call them absolute waste of time buyers? I understand I wasn’t very polite at the time and again I truely apologize for that.

I have to say, I don’t see how not paying for anything relates to sending something back because I wasn’t happy with the item. I’ve done over 2K purchases on singles and bought many (for me) expensive cards. I think absolute waste of time buyer is not correct there and feel attacked.

I don’t want to argue with you or anything because I respect you and what you did for the community, even though it might not seem that way after that purchase. I always watch your video’s when a new one pops up since I follow your channel, but I just had to say this. Things can happen when you sell a lot right, but calling someone an absolute waste of time buying after a disagreement about 1 card is a bit cruel.

@goldy, The point is, for whatever reason, you are wasting sellers time. Just pay for an item, and don’t be rude if you don’t agree with a grade. These aren’t seller problems.


Yeah I understand this and you’re absolutely right. It’s very annoying for a seller and in this case it was my mistake by not paying in time. I don’t want to make any excuses but just to explain, I have very bad migraine (cluster headaches) and can’t really see any light or concentrate on anything, which can take up to several weeks. I haven’t logged into ebay for quite some time and when I wanted to pay I couldn’t anymore and had negative feedback. I know it’s still my mistake tho.

Buyers usually get a penalty now I believe and can only use the “buy it now” option instead of making offers or make bids. I think not paying can have different reasons, and this penalty is better than negative feedback, so sellers will never accept any offers from those people anymore, while it could be a one time mistake.

Hard to believe at this point, but I usually have no issues at all. I understand what you’re saying and hate myself for beeing rude at the time. I can say things without thinking which is my weak point. Again sorry for that. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time seriously. It won’t mean much I’m afraid, but this is only time I ever shipped anything back.

I didn’t pay this time which I can’t argue, it was my mistake, for whatever reason.

Blocked him too, appreicate it!


yes, you just sent me random message on ebay:

“Blocked because I heard you don’t pay for items.”

I don’t see the point in that message

have a nice day

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Lmmaaooooooooo this thread is incredible

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It looks like the buyer and seller both wasted time and effort to be “right” about their actions. There are definitely some buyers and sellers on eBay who waste your time. However, some make honest mistakes and learn to be better. Here’s the unpopular and sympathetic opinion, but I don’t think we should run someone out of the hobby so quickly. If I sold $30k cards annually and had a non-paying buyer on a $60 item, I’d close the eBay case and move on.

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Locking this up as the buyer understands and it is resolved.