eBay removed negative feedback on my account today

I don’t like to post stuff that happens on eBay to the public, but this made me really mad. I woke up this morning to a negative comment on my account that said “He’s only in this for the money” - rabi-sha.

This person made a purchase August 25th and here’s the messages I got till September 6th. Start at the bottom and go up.


Well, on a positive note, at least you got the Negative Feedback removed without too much hassle - aside from sitting on hold for 15-20 minutes LOL

That SUCKS! You get excited for the sale and some extra money in your pocket and then something like this happens… You certainly made the right move there! I am positive no matter how long you gave him/her to provide payment, you would have never gotten it - better to get your eBay Fees refunded and re-list the card.

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You can call and get it removed by eBay. The line where he says about giving you terrible reviews by him and his friends will easily allow them to remove it and side with you. I have had similar ish issues in the past and have had the negative removed every time when it is this blatant. You will surely have to waste 30-45 min on the phone but you will win.

Man buyers like these suck. Usually I just cave and cancel for them instead of going with a case, but I never let it get so far out to begin with. The cases automatically open after 3 days and I never delay that. But if they ask 2 days in I always cave to avoid this headache as that is a much smaller headache to deal with.

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He was already able to get the Negative Feedback removed :blush:

I agree with you; after three days of no payment I open an NPB Case. When I first started selling on eBay I would give Buyers EVERY CHANCE to provide payment: message them after three days asking for payment, wait one week before opening an NPB Case… Over the years I have learned better than this. If a buyer does not provide payment within three days, there’s a 99.999% chance that they do not plan on providing payment.


If you communicate with me I’ll give you a three strike system. His strike one was after the 31st, strike 2 was after Sep 5th, I set the final one at the 10th but when they threatened me they provided strike 3 themselves. I’ve had others that I use this system with and there are occasions when they pay so I won’t change my system.

Ironically this person actually did pay, immediately after the case was opened, so I don’t imagine I’m done with the headache with them.


Well, you made the right decision and it was good of you to actually follow through with opening the case. I’d have cancelled the order and moved on, but you’re dead right - it wouldn’t be nice for other sellers to have to experience this same problem down the line.

I’m glad you got your negative review removed.

Another crazy part of this whole scenario is his money situation… To buy this item he’s having to raise his Visa limit, upon failing, he then asks his DAD to give him money (probably by sharing some sort of sob story about how he can’t afford to pay his bills or something) to pay off his cc to buy a damn card!

I mean I love Pokemon cards and I’m willing to pay decent amounts of money to obtain more, like we all are, but the last thing I’ll be buying when I can’t afford anything is a Pokemon card.

:slightly_frowning_face: rant over


This reminds me I should call ebay about my recent negative feedback. I sold a PSA 10 espeon Gold star and the guy says I overcharged for shipping that card fully insured. I charged him $20 on it which small flat rate box $6.80 plus signature confirmation at $2.35 plus $9 insurance is not overcharging. The other thing is they say I didn’t ship it out which I did. I shipped in 5 days compared to 3 (which my listing says that I am at fault for but its not his complaint). I told him through messages it was ready to ship but I was having problems with giving it directly to mail person (they take care of my packages) because I’ve had problems with USPS damaging items (ive posted those stories here many times). He gets the cards and copy pastes my listing with the picture and title on his account. How can i have overcharged for shipppign and you never got the item if the above happened. I’m a little slow at times but I do my best. I think this buyer was trying to get me to give him money off because they were threatening to force it back on their credit cards.

I’m glad you got yours solved. Should I try to remove mine next?

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@hisoka107 IMO it will be a waste of a phone call for you. OP here had damning evidence of his buyer having not paid promptly. Also of his buyer violating eBay policy and threatening not only to leave negative feedback himself, but to have friends pile on which is way clearly out of bounds. You sound like you shipped a little late which happens and unless he was clearly off base in his messages you would have a tough time with eBay clearly seeing the shipment delay.

Like I said I dont think its wrong he gave a negative feedback. However, the Negative feedback wasn’t directed at the shipping delay thats just my personal part of it. On the negative feedback He says charged $20 for shipping and never shippped. Clearly I shipped the item if he put it up for sale on his ebay account. If my shipping mentions the price or if they had a problem with the $20 shipping they never brought it up. This is semantics and with ebay you can win or lose by such small technicalities.

I lost an ebay case about a Skyridge Complete Base set 1-145 Rare, U C set (I did mention the other cards like holos or SRs werenn’t included). Where I messed up on was that the listing said 1-146 which would be a crystal BUT the buyer never complained about that card or any specific one in particular. He complained to ebay that the set wasn’t complete and they he never got all the cards because he was missing one. I argued that the sale was for the complete base set. Which is what he got but he felt cheated because he didnt’ get 1 more card. This isn’t about the charizard again but I think it was just a buyer later regretting it. Ebay is very particular about such small details and as such you can use it in your favor. I honestly don’t care too much about it but for others they can get feedback removed without all that evidence. It may be needed in complicated cases but it’s not always required.

@hisoka107 the only way to find out if eBay will remove the feedback is to ask. Worst case scenario they say no. I honestly don’t know if they will remove your negative or not. There’s some at fault in it, and that might make them side with the seller, but you have some good points as well that might make them side with you.

Man this be messed up. I take alot of time with my packages. I spend like an hour on each one atleast, so it takes me a few days to get around to getting them out. I put the label on the inside with return address and recpient on the bubble mailer and then i put into a boxand den I put the recipent/return address on the box laminated to the shithouse andf the box sealed with like a mountain of tape, and tHHHHHENEEEEEEEEEENNN i put the customs form with all address/return address ect on top of that xD

It takes lots of timer to make perfect packages, and I buy the boxes like you did at the post office, and so this sucks… Peeps need to understand the extra effort to buy the boxes from the post office, and that it is for the good of dem. People complaining about shipping times ect and to hurt peoples business with neg feedback over it, when they recieved the awesome item safely is just low imo.

I don’t quite get negative feedback that people give. I usually reserve it for shady practices or weighed packs. That guy that had all the ex Packsand I got several messages on IG about the packs having nothing. I think people too readily use negative feedback.

Cullers I would have opened an unpaid buyers case 3 days after I auction’s end. I have heard too many BS stories on ebay like “My card is maxed out, I don’t want it anymore, somebody died, etc.” to believe them anymore.