eBay - neutral feedback

Can it be disputed or removed? I’m really pissed off, completely undeserved and the buyer already behaved like a dick but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Depends on the context. What exactly happened? Do you have a link to the feedback?

I have had feedback removed before, both in the case of someone leaving feedback for customs duties, which is not allowed per ebay policy. If it falls under their policy you can call eBay and talk to a customer service rep.

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It does suck getting the neutries… I Sold a GPU, and packaged it in its original packing, and the dude gave me neutral like a month later without contacting me saying I didnt provide all the original stuff and bad packing. I was just selling the GPU by its self and I didnt have all the orginal shit, so i wish they would contact people before leaving neutral… But still, its much better than bad feedback, so my feedback is still 100% positive. I want to make my store awesome, with big rep. I contacted him a couple of times with no reply so oh well.

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I don’t wish to publicise the guys name but the story is as follows (I’ll try to keep it short and sweet)

I was selling many ungraded cards of varying condition, three were Neo Genesis holo’s and all were described as ‘mint’. They were straight from the pack.

This is what I describe as ‘mint’ on the listings: [details=“SPOILER: Click to show”]
Mint (MT) – The card is perfectly rigid, has no obvious edgeware, no creases, may only have tiny factory nicks on the corners and has absolute minimal scratching on the artwork (may have a couple of tiny ones max).

Firstly the guy messaged me just before my listings were ending, asking me if they were ‘PSA 10 condition’, which is something I refuse to do because how can I speak for PSA to give their opinion? I hate the question and that attitude it implies in all honesty. But I ignored it as the listings were so close to finishing and I was busy, assuming he wouldn’t bid without a reply. Anyway he wins the three cards I mentioned and just doesn’t pay for about a week or so. I messaged him explaining that the conditions are as in the photo’s and the descriptive condition guide that I wrote myself and he still doesn’t pay until I open an unpaid item case and he pays straight away.

Now out of nowhere he leaves me two good feedbacks and one neutral one because one of the cards had some scratches on the front apparently. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that it did, I must have missed them if so, but the condition description even allowed for some minor scratches which he should have been well aware of and he made no attempt to message me or find a solution, I believe he’s just being petty because I didn’t want to give him PSA’s opinion.

I even gave him the benefit of the doubt and refrained from giving him bad or neutral feedback after he was the one being difficult in the first place which really fucks me off.

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you cant give him bad or negative.

You could since it took him weeks to pay it off without giving you a single word until you opened a unpaid case. It just scummy he gave you a bad review and not message you with his issues.

Well at very least I omitted his poor attitude and behaviour from the feedback description.

I wouldn’t stress too much. Neutral doesn’t hurt your feedback rating.

I had a buyer leave me feedback on a bulk lot that I sold which clearly listed every card in the bulk lot but got the feedback “not sure any of these cards can be described as rare”.

I was furious. That’s an official rarity term for some of the cards that were in the package. I couldn’t believe it…


Yeah you’re right man… it’s not a big deal really I was just really angered when I first saw it by the guys audacity lol. Unbelievable. If it was a real shop I’d tell him to giiiiiiiiit out and never come back.

Cough block cough


Can I still tell him to giiit out? I’ll list my entire collection, hopefully there’s something he wants and when he messages me, yep, that’s right… giiiiiiiiiiiiiit outttt!!


Calm down Satan

Just a follow up - I messaged ebay and they said they evaluated the situation and recognised that the feedback was unfair in my favour, and that it qualifies to be removed however I should message the buyer to ask them to remove it first, failing that submit a formal request for the buyer to remove it, failing that I should just make a reply to it for people to see.

I ended up taking all them steps until the request expired, then I messaged ebay again explaining that the buyer ignored all attempts of communication, and asked if anything could still be done about the feedback. They actually pasted me the same message as I got initially, so I replied again, and they pasted the same message back again. I was a bit annoyed and replied one more time, then a nice guy said he would remove it for me and I’ve just seen as I’m writing this post that it has vanished so alls well that ends well, overall good judgement and service from ebay I think, if a little unrefined with all those messages.

Will also be blocking the buyer.

You know what they say 3rd time’s a charm.

Congrats. Your diligence was rewarded.

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Thanks mate. It really ticked me off as I’d go to some length to rectify any situation where a buyer wasn’t happy and make them happy even if it turns out they can’t have what they thought they were buying for whatever reason, EVEN if the buyer had behaved questionably beforehand like in this case, he must have no class at all to try that on me.