New cards!!!

I’ve got something gooooooooooooooooooooood:

Oh, and this is weird because they’re not as special but I’m also super excited about all of these too!

I should thank the admins who’ve had to put up with my bitching and tantrums about these cards because it was hard getting them in my hands (including someone on my street STEALING THEM! :angry: :open_mouth:) )

Anyhoo, it’s all good now finally. Yay!

I really need to update my collection list, but right now I’m going to finally sleeve some more cards…


OK Images are:

  1. All 2009 illustrator cards together
  2. The Pichu ones
  3. The Arceus ones
  4. 28 CoroCoro promos

Not difficult to put together - bought the CoroCoro in one lot - absolute bargain too, an average of £0.50 for each CoroCoro card.

I’ll PM you my pathetic sob story :sob: (in my defense I had done 13 hours for the last 5 days at work and was in no state to be messed with)

Congrats on some great new cards for your collection…

can i like just go to your house and just steal them LOL.but nice cards you got dogma i just drooled over those coro coro promos

LOL no more people stealing my cards (I’m serious, I had to go and knock on people’s doors to get it back)

Thanks for all the replies :blush:

Wow - congratulations dogma! The illustration contest cards are just incredible, it makes me smile whenever I see a picture of them!

Not that excited about growlithe huh? I’d be more than happy to take him off your hands :wink:

I wish I could find cards like that where it won’t cost my first born and a few organs to get it.

Wrong way round; was more excited to have the corocoro cards than the 2009 illustrator set.

I think I’ve worked it out too; I’ve been waiting 12 years to get my hands on the corocoro cards, they’re just iconic and some of the first promos ever. However, the illustrator with the pichu and the cresselia background is in my top 5 arts for a pokemon card ever. Just beautiful!!

Lol, ah! Man I’d be excited about the illustrator because they are wickedly expensive to come by individually. I can at least FIND the Coro Coros, I think Scott is the only person I know with the illustration that was selling on Ebay for 300 a pop. @.@

NOT Scott; he’s not Brianjapan :blush:

@scott: maybe these people know something I don’t… Are we sure you’re not brianjapan? We want proof!!

oh it WAS Brian Grosbrow (or whatever his last name is) O.@ Still insane amounts of money. I have bought from him too when all else showed nothing.

You’re supposed to negotiate his prices, not pay the expensive ones outright.

It gets people looking at his page, but serious collectors know how much things are worth so he’s actually reasonable in his prices once he comes down (not cheap, but not obscene either)

hahaha I guess me and brian japan give off the same vibe online, I am not him I swear :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL You two have extensive collections XD cept it’s somethign to be jealous about

@ Evilmind - LOL Grosbrow. It’s Grabow.

@ Dogma - Are you able tell us where you got the Illustrators from and what you paid? :blush:

Has anyone purchased any of brians versions of these yet since I noticed he had them up for quite a bit of money

No they are pretty high compared to what you can get them for on yahoo japan. They are rare, a specific price is hard to determine at this point.

I keep forgetting to reply to this!

Its not a secret at all - when Cally posted her Y!J guide, there was one going there so I snapped it up. The price was 75,000 yen - the same seller has been selling all of them I think. The one I bought was this auction

Apart from my shit experience with the shipping which nearly had me dead inside, I’m now sold on Y!J on the whole - especially as hopefully I will have sorted the shipping kinks thanks to Cally - for a start I got these ultra rare cards without lining the pockets of a big name eBay store like BrianJapan, and of course the CoroCoro cards I got were an absolute steal at less than 50p per card… AFTER shipping

I’ve ended doing most of my purchases either on here or on Y!J now. I’ve bought one or two things on eBay but only because they’ve been cheap or rare