Additions galore part 1 of 2! (VERY IMAGE HEAVY)

Why part 1 of 2? Partly because I’m an admin and I can show off. But mostly because this is very image heavy so I want split it up.

There’s actually more here than just pictures:

  • Can’t be arsed reading this thread? Check out the full album here. Sorry if some pics are blurry. I took these with my iPhone and in a bit of a rush!

  • I’m going to start selling stuff properly this weekend. An example of something which I think will go quickly in the first pic. More cool stuff to come!

  • The catalogue project is still going strong! Why do I mention that? Well, because right at the end there is an awesome get and I wanted everyone to see pretty pictures. You can get the catalogue and see these cards in their full glory

  • Remember this is only part 1 :stuck_out_tongue: Part 2 is smaller in size but even better in quality!

Right to the goodies!

First off is something I think is for evilmind2 if she still needs it:

Let me know if you still want it :wink:

Next is a picture of most of the stuff I want to show off today. I got all of this in a massive box today:

Let’s see some of that in a bit more detail!

First off the box to the right has over a 1000 cards of random stuff. Most of it is junky (and really really ripped/creased/crappy junk at that) but I still got GB Venusaur/Dragonite, a few ANA promos, a load of CoroCoro which I’ll be selling, loads of set holos from Jungle/Team Rocket (again - selling) and more:

Randomly, I got 17 out of the 18 Japanese Southern Islands cards, so if someone has a spare Vileplume, hit me up, I can complete another set!

Next is something I’ve wanted for a long time - Leafeon vs Metagross. I didn’t bother taking a picture of it by itself - oh well. It’s unopened, and I think I’ve decided to leave it sealed. The online game has long passed and probably has the chance to get a Daisuki membership from it. It’s a big box though so I dunno where it will fit!

The other thing I didn’t bother taking a separate picture of are the two ADV decks. As you probably know I’m collecting set cards as well as rare promos now, and that includes decks. I’ll keep these sealed for now, but just might give in to temptation and put these in my binder.

Eh? what are those?

Quick Construction sets! All 6 of them!! And for a right bargain too! Again, these are sealed, but they’re just so… amazing to look at, and the plastic cases are nice and sturdy. These are going sealed and safe in one my Pokémon boxes!

ANA promos. Its strange, but I’ve had a sealed envelope of these for ages, but I saw them for a bargain on Y!J and thought I might as well put these in the binder whilst I can. Not a priority get but the art on the legendary birds here are iconic of course

70 Meiji promos and other ADV era promos, all tucked in nice little packages! I need to get some more sleeves (I mean nice sleeves, I have over 2000 crappy oversized ones :angry: so will probably sleeve these over the weekend)

This is actually the BW1 set, except for the three secret rares. Need to remember to grab those rares when they come down in price to complete the set.

Talking of sets, how about this one:

Yay, it’s my Base set! Chazz is finally back home after I sold my first one all those years ago when I gave up Pokémon. Welcome home :grin:

Right, more stuff which I actually didn’t get today but they are recent:

I actually overpaid for this :confused: but I’m glad I have it. I have the unsealed cards (which were one of my first ever buys when I got back into Pokémon) so this is special to me.

In the background of this pic are the boxes in which I store all of my Pokémon stuff. They’re under my desk and everything inside has separate foam/bubble wrap for ultimate protection. I also clean them out regularly to keep my stuff minty fresh :blush:

And here is a glimpse inside the smallest box. It has the BW starter tin, which actually has the Sample card I bought from smpratte and some other cards I’ve not got round to putting in my binder, an English BW tin and a shpunto special, the Japanese Southern Island sealed three card sets.

Currently that box also has my A5 folder of jumbo cards and sealed Vending sheets, but a picture of a plain folder is overkill, even for me!

shpunto was kind enough to sell these beauties to me. I need to find the other two decks to complete them, but these are a part of Pokémon history. And hey, I’ve resisted the urge to open the two sealed ones, so that’s something :grin:

And now for something truly special:

My 2010 illustrator set. These had to go on a little holiday, but am I glad Cally helped me out with these! The art is just… wow. I stared at them for like an hour over the weekend, just taking in all the details. You can still see the pencil marks on some of the art, the bumps on the original paper the pics were drawn on, everything.

Just looking at all of gets has made it all worth it. The 2010 illustrator set has its catalogue made up (10-0ILT on’s server) and I definitely recommend you take in those gorgeous scans for yourself.

Right - that’s me done for a bit. Part 2 is probably in a months time, maybe a little more. It has a truly special purchase in it. After that, I think I’m going to take a bit of a break!!

Nice additions! The illustrator set looks awesome! So any hints on the “Special” addition for next month? :blush:

Mwahahahahaha… no :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on, you don’t really want to ruin the surprise do you?

Hahahaha ehhhhhh yeah…kinda…yes?

Awesome! I like your additions, dogma! I especially love that [2010 Zorua/Zoroark Illustrator Set] :blush:

Hey I think I have an extra Southern Island Vileplume. Anyways, where did you get the Quick Construction Decks, I’ve been looking for them for so long. PM me and let me know if you think the seller has an extra set. Thanks!

P.S. Something tells me that I know what you’re getting next month (probably because I may have it in my possession briefly before you).

I need to know of this mystery card! What high-profile card could it be!!! :blush:

Hahaha shpunto, part 2 is basically everthing you’ve got/going to get in the next month for me, so probably I should dedicate it to you!

I might hold the *card* with Noppin for a while to see if I can find the QCS for you. I should’ve bought Jungle/Fossil too when I had a chance, but you live and learn. I’m sure they’ll turn up again

PS: Mike I’m being mean - if you really want to know what I’m hiding, I’ll PM you :blush:

Hahaha if you want to keep it a secret that alright. But if you did happen to PM me, my lips are sealed :blush: I have a slight guess but I’m not sure.

Very nice additions, I enjoyed reading the thead :blush:

Thanks Becky, and to all of you. I wanted to share my excitement, so hope that came through!

Mike: I’ve PM’d you. I’ve overhyped it now, it’s not THAT amazing :confused:

Yeah your right its not that amazing…its ridiculously amazing! Certainly a top-tier card by all definitions :blush:

Most definitely top tier :blush:

Aww! I want to know, too :<


I’ve always wanted a reason to use that one!!!

OK so I got THE card today. (Plus a few others :stuck_out_tongue:)

I might as well tell everyone: it’s Scott’s (duplicate) 9th Lucky Stadium! I have to say, it was the weirdest feeling to hold an actual top-tier trophy card in my hands and realise that its mine :blush:

I desperately want to show it to you all but I really don’t have time for ages taking pictures of everything. But part 2 of this thread is definitely on its way when I finally get a chance.

A huge thanks to shpunto who held these cards for me in storage and safe keeping whilst I was making more and more purchases. Don’t know how to repay you :confused:

It is definitely a weird but good feeling. I always get that feeling right when I receive one of those cards and just look at every detail for a good 10 minutes in awe. That is one of my favorite cards, top 10 definitely. It was actually the first trophy/prize card I saw a long time ago in my noob days when I discovered that a charizard is not the rarest thing out there :blush:

Lol, if you want you can send the 9th Lucky Stadium back to me as a gift. I’m open to super rare card donations and I do not have that card in my collection.

So I’ve recently bought a few more things. None of them are on the scale of the Lucky Stadium, but its just so exciting to finally have a Captain Pikachu :blush:

Cool @ the Captain Pikachu xD

How much did you pay for it?
Im casually on the search for that card and the Osaka Jumbo