Mew Gold Star 1st ed PSA 10 & 2005 Pikachu Victory Medal PSA 10

Need help with prices of the 2 cards in the thread name. The mew first of all probably shouldnt have gotten a 10 as it had a tad bit too much whitening for my liking but guess PSA thought different. I remember their was a duscussion on the 2005 battle road victory medal as it was rarer than the 06/07 version but cant seem to find the thread not sure if the info about pricing was in that but what would a 10 be potentially worth as im sure its not most wanted card etc so not expecting it to be worth a lot (unless im wrong).

I think I sold my PSA 10 Silver Victory Medal for around $150 I believe :blush:

Mew is probably $800-1,000 (only two 10s after all these years). Dunno about the other one.

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This would be realistic estimate if you actually want to forward Mew. Hard to imagine it fetches more than psa 10 Charizard anymore. :blush:

@ljgenco12 Was that a 2005 version?
@patriotsfan117 Thanks for the figures il most likely list it higher just to see what offers come by. Just didn’t want to list it too low.
@nauticads What do the charizards 1st ed GS currently fetch?

Crazyguynumber1 auctioned one like a ~year ago, it ended around 900 euros. Another copy sold around same time range ( 800e best offer ) even though it was listed originally 2000e +.

Haven’t seen other cards selling at ebay after that.

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Yep, it was the 2005 version!

@nauticads I see well just checked and theirs 9 atm at 10 for the charizard and only 3 for the mew so that might make a difference but il most likely just try and see what offers come by as I wasnt expecting a 10 on it anyway.

@ljgenco12 Ok great that gives me a rough idea what to list it for as I didnt want to list it way to high or too cheap either.

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Oh, yours was the 3rd one then? The pop was at 2 last night when I checked haha.

Same here with my Gold Star Charizard! My 1st Ed. copy was the 5th one to score a 10, but I looked like a 9 imo. Has some edgewear/whitneing. I’m sure you can get $1,000 for it, maybe slightly higher if you wait it out a bit. Good luck! :blush:

It got graded yesterday so takes around 24 hours for the pop report to update. I reckon the main thing with these is the allingment issue which causes them to get a 9 or lower. Mine had a minor chip of whitening which I thought it will drop it but guess not and thanks hopefully I can get a good price as I was trying to sell it for $250 ungraded before for like 3 months but didnt sell.

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Man, I didn’t see it, otherwise I probably would’ve bought it lol. Oh well, at least it looks like the decision to grade it payed off! :grin: