Matchless Fighters Megathread

With the newest Sword and Shield set Matchless Fighters coming out this Friday I figured a thread was in order. There are some decently hype cards in the set including more single strike and rapid strike cards as well as these great Galarian birds secret rares! What do people think of the set? What cards are people excited for? Personally it doesn’t seems as hype as Single and Rapid Strike, but there are some solid cards I want to pick up. Let me know what everybody thinks!

Heres a link to the rest of the set if people need it!:

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That Articuno looks great. Generation 8 has been a great generation for pokemon.


I’ll probably grab the SR birds but otherwise nothing is standing out to me from the cards that’ve been revealed

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@lamplamp, Yeah the birds are definitely my favorite cards in the set too.

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I thought we already had a thread for this set, but apparently it started out as a different set and everyone started posting Peerless Fighters cards, lol…

I for one am very excited for the Dark-type Seviper, though. :blush:


@quuador, I hadn’t realized my bad. I’m also pumped for that Seviper Zangoose combo. I love how the arts fit in with each other.


I’m so excited about this set!!!

Please inject these Blaziken cards straight into my bloodstream. I can’t wait to see the secret rare variants!! I have two boxes pre ordered, and I can’t wait to crack them open!


The SRs look nice as usual so there is some interest in this set for me, but I probably won’t be buying any boxes.

Not too interested in this set, but I do really like the Moltres secret rare. I think Moltres got the best looking Galarian form of the three.

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Arita’s Slowking does it for me.

Unfortunately the text, banners and border of the card distract the viewer from this amazing artwork. If original prints were a thing in Pokemon I would definitely be buying this one.


The secret rares for the set should leak tonight (US time). Usually we start to see them around 10pm ET but it’s different for each set. I love set reveal night, back in the XY era I was so hyped for it but during Sun & Moon it was a lot less exciting as the cards were so bland and predictable. Now it’s back to being awesome with special arts!!

Come hang out on discord for the reveals!

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Really loving the Articuno and Moltres but I really think they did Zapdos a bit dirty with that art because the legs just look so… long? Weird? Not sure how to describe it but I just dont rate it.

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Heck yeah. I love seeing the reveals on discord. I may even end up posting some if I’m quick enough!

Yeah cause it looks like this


Roadrunner was actually my favorite Looney Tune so I dig the Zapdos haha.

i need :heart_eyes:


I read a story post on instagram by someone I can’t remember about an hour ago saying that the Zapdos has been banned because of it looking so similar to Road Runner. I thought it was Andrew from Card Secret but no such story exists now (unless he deleted it).

Has anyone else heard that at all?

EDIT - it hasn’t been pulled, I fell for a joke that someone put saying it was, I’m an idiot…

I am absolutely in love. This is my favorite card released in SWSH hands down.


Moltres special art looks great, also galarian Slowking and Blazinek vmax gets special arts on top of the bird trio,


I need that card, that is gorgeous