Mar 23 - Mar 29, 2014 - Pokemon Fan Club FA

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I am a big fan of this one pulled it myself

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I have to vote Skyla, because of all the trainers that have been featured on FA, she is my favorite.

My favorite Trainer SR? Probably Nurse Joy since she is such an iconic figure of the original anime.

We never got an Elesa FA.


That we never did…

Though I think we might see all of the characters as FAs from these games.

Like wouldn’t it be cool to see the Champion???

I thought his first name was Samuel. :wink:

Wait what?
Are you talking about Gary or his grandfather?
2 completely different people.

Haha well he may be cool in the world’s eyes but he’s a complete douche in mine :grin:
Well maybe to give him a little credit, he’s just spoiled rotten.

Although I do agree it would be cool to have a card of him. Feels like it would kind of complete things. Heck I think it would be cool if they’d do a trainer recap of the old anime. Like Maybe in a newer series have a set featuring the original era characters like brock, misty, ash, gary, oak, nurse joy,officer jenny, etc.

Aw come on, the real hero is Professor Oak! :stuck_out_tongue: