Who's your favorite human character?

I tend to appreciate the villains in the series. As of late, I’d have to say Agatha is my favorite. Reading up on her character background I found out the extent of her evil nature particularly in the manga series. She uses armies of ghost pokemon to try and take over the world!! Also when battling blue and koga she uses her arbok in the most menacing ways like trying to poison koga himself! She also beats ash in a battle in the animated series which clearly illustrates her expertise with ghost/poison pokemon. If she and giovanni had teamed up who knows how pokemon history would’ve been altered!


Some other favorites of mine are giovanni, morty, karen, and red (not ash).

Who’s your favorite? :thinking:

I like Agatha too, hence the gengar, ghost etc…

Umm, well my favourites are generally all the hot female trainers dating back to the oldschool games/anime;

Misty, Erika, Sabrina probably. But type wise would be Agatha i.e Ghost.

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@kkthxbai Are you the peeping Tom outside of of the celadon gym :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably be doing a lot more than peeping.

I was trying to think who is the biggest player in Pokemon, and I was like wait Brock? no he fails all the time. I’m not sure who I would be. We should do a thread asking what Pokémon character are you?

Young professor oak is Def the biggest player. Even Agatha admits to having a crush on him back in the day :wink:

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The human characters in the Pokemon series kind of suck because they’re all so surface level and basic. But I guess since I’m always a fan of female characters with cool designs, I’m fond of Lorelei, Sabrina and Cynthia the most, and I still wish Lorelei got to show up in the TCG at least once. Sabrina also had a more interesting story in the anime than the typical Gym Leaders who are more like glorified characters of the day. Cynthia I’ve always liked for being the first female Champion even though she’s not *terribly* interesting. (Still more relevant than Diantha though.)

Professor Oaks grandson…Gary Oak lol.


…what was his name again? lol

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I always loved the concept of a Dragon trainer and was inspired to make my own Dragon team of my own with my own interpretations including Gyarados (duh), Charizard, Aerodactyl, Dragonair (I don’t care much for Dragonite), Seadra (back before Kingdra, but screw that Pokemon *bitter of the Water/Dragon typing*), and yeah. I loved him in the series, loved him in the game, and loved him in the comics.

Other mentions are: Blaine. I loved reading about his connection to Mewtwo in the comics and really like his personality overall.

Giovanni. The big baddy himself. Of all the Gym Trainer’s you fight in the original game, he’s the one you hear rumors about, and is actually the only Gym leader trainer who plays as if they know typing and weaknesses.

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I really liked blaine in the anime as a kid. But I REALLY like how in gold/silver hes a hermit in a volcano… LOL

and @bagoly14 youre definitely on point with Gary’s swag factor hahaha 10 badges ftw

I’ve always liked Clair in games and anime.

Other favourites has to be Giovanni ( awesome villain ) and Sabrina. :blush:

Ash has like, 60 badges now compared to Gary’s at most 20, outranked him in both Pokemon Leagues they attended, and is actually a 2x Champion (though both for minor though not insignificant leagues). Haters to the left. :slight_smile:

Eh. I just don’t like Ash’s character. I find him annoying and personally, despite his “wins”, I think he’s a terrible Pokemon trainer.

Sabrina was also my favorite in terms of her character in the anime. I love Psychic Pokemon and the story line around her was wicked interested and dark. Plus with her laughing at the end with Haunter was great.

Lt. Surge because he is Ash’s Dad.

and all of Brock’s crushes

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I get the complaints against Ash in the original series. In the more recent series he’s really not portrayed as an idiot who knows nothing about battles and obtains all of his victories through others pitying him, though. His teams are usually pretty competent, he actually trains his Pokemon to overcome their weaknesses or learn new moves, he develops strategies to overcome type disadvantages, and he actually evolves most of his Pokemon now; see also Infernape, Torterra, Sceptile, Donphan, Glalie, all of his birds, etc. Hell, in the DP series Pokemon League, he placed fourth and was the only one to take down the League winner’s DARKRAI. Unfortunately that cheap ass just whipped a Latios out of nowhere to finish Ash off but he still managed to take that to a double KO as well.

The anime writers really learned from the original series and how the fans thought it was so lame that all of the Gym Leaders gave Ash his “pity badges.” I remember when they actually showed Ash training Pikachu to learn Iron Tail against Roxanne several episodes before he actually fought her, I was stunned. They were actually… planning something out?! Using a smart strategy?! Acknowledging type advantages?! Crazy.

See I stopped watching the original series and have no clue what he’s been like the last… What, like 10 years? XD

Same here. Although I did recently watch the episode about the fisherman who is trying to catch a huge whiscash :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually got a good kick out of it cuz the whiscash eats all of ashs badges and mays brother just makes all the fish man’s life long endeavors seem meaningless LOL

Ash is still a 10 year old boy