Sep 20th - Sep 30th - Giovanni's Plan - Red Flash

Card of the week - September 20th - September 30th, 2015****Giovanni’s Plan

The pride of Generation 1 villainy, the original corporate badass, Giovanni has his own FA card and it’s beautiful. I’ll add a better quality picture as we get leaks/scans this week for the cards from Blue Shock/Red Flash!

Which characters would you most like to see get an FA Supporter?****


Original gym leaders. Id love a revisit of the gym sets. As ive been saying timd and time again. I love the gym styles and art.

Random little rant: i absolutely hate the new cards. The breaks make me cry. Ashamed of calling them cards.


Love this card. If this isn’t foreshadowing to a return to Kanto then I don’t know what is.

I think it’s only a matter of time until we get a Sycamore full art. TCPI will probably handle it the way they did with Juniper. Make the release time between the uncommon version and full art as long as possible, as to keep the card in format for a longer period of time.

I can’t wait to see that gorgeous facial structure in all its beautiful,textured full art glory. No hetero.


I absolutely love the art on this. Ken really pulls it off every time (or maybe I am bias towards the original style artwork).

I would be very keen on seeing all Kanto gym leaders get their own FA card. I don’t think that will happen though.

If I had a choice though, FA Ash or FA Gary would be amazing!

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I’ve heard that this card pays homage to the original pokemon games: Red & Blue.

Just something I’ve heard in a video.

Well it’s an iconic Generation 1 character, and it could be an intentional background colouring. But remember that Red/Green were the original Japanese games.

They should never do an ash card. I dont know why. I just think they shouldnt.

Except for those movie promos we already have. Which are fine.

I’d sell my sister to slave traders for a Red Full Art.

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Not only would I like gen 1 trainers but I’d like some elite 4 as well in a set.
I want stadium cards named after some of the towns. Pallet town stadium card.
It allows you to search your deck for a basic pokemon or on your next turn
after putting a basic pokemon you get search for its stage 1.


Full Art Drake please.

Drake’s Final Gambit - Trainer

“You can only play this card if you have more Prize Cards than your opponent, and your opponent has two or more. Your opponent takes Prize Cards until they have one remaining. The defending Pokemon is knocked out.”


Easily the best FA Trainer to date IMO.

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I approve.

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Every female gym leader from gens 1-4
Full art gary would be beast OZ!

Just imagine XY Kanto Red & Green expansion.

Every Gym Leader, (Badges in the art ), FA
Red and Green, FA
Professor Oak, FA
Legendary Birds, FA’s
Pokemon 1-151


I can only dream…


I :heart: Clair & Karen