Luigipokemon - Fraudulent Claims

As mentioned in the blacklist, this buyer has opened multiple invalid claims. I decided to give them their own thread as their messages are unreal:

For context, this person tried opening a return and was automatically denied. Here is the card they tried to open a return and were denied. Here is the card they opened an invalid case to attempt and return the dark charizard, claiming the blaines charizard is “not authentic”. This was their reason. Here is more of their insanity:


Uhg, the number of stories i can tell this last months… not on ebay tho but damn.
I cant believe ppl really try every excuse to return what they probably couldnt afford in the first place.

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Ah he probably thought it was English and was surprised by the Japanese font.


Another reason as to why I do not sell expensive items on ebay


butthurt zard investor upset his card didn’t go up in value a week after he bought it.


Pure subhuman filth. Ebay is shit for not having protection in place for such extremes. Screw this guy but screw ebay even more.

Weak hands

It is also over $1k so you can file a police report for mail fraud

Solid victim blaming.


No not at all. Sorry it seems like that. Just pointing out the obvious. None of us are immune to being burned, and it’s the risk we take when we decided to use their platform. Sorry about your situation.

Takes some nerve to claim a card sold from you is fake Scott. Thanks for making my blacklist achieve a new milestone.

Coming in HOT with the unsolicited, reactionary and (unintentionally) hilarious advice! I admire the courage I guess, but this is too funny. You might want to stop and consider the differences between your situation and his - and how absurd it would be if he actually took your advice.

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If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry :upside_down_face:


There wouldn’t be a business left on earth if after being burned they closed down shop like you did.


Great News! I finally spoke with someone who understood trading cards. Ebay actually just implemented a new policy that stops buyers like this making fraudulent claims. Graded cards are now verified by ebay, and will close in the sellers favor, which just occurred! Glad to hear they are improving the platform and getting a better understanding of collectibles. Hopefully this will help eliminate this type of nonsense.


This is such good news. Perhaps the 2020 boom made ebay take trading cards more seriously and put in some effort and research to make it better to sell cards on their site. And it was so satisfying to read this thread and see that he got burned in the end :grin:

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Did they provide a hard reference for this policy that can be used by sellers when dealing with generic customer service who doesn’t know anything?


They said to request the “High Value Sales” department. I’ve dealt with them in the past, and and they have more ability than the average grunt. But I was told just reference the new graded trading card authentication policy. If not then request the HVS department and mention the policy. My case was the 6th they applied it to, so its like shiny v new!


Wow! Great news indeed. Someone pulled this exact stunt on me a year back claiming a PSA 9 Base Char was fake and eBay forced a refund. Glad that policy is changing. It really made me livid - the $ was irrelevant. The system seemed really ripe for exploiting by scum bags.

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I know that eBay within the last year has started employing in-house verification for sneaker sales because those had such a rampant problem with fakes. With StockX now selling graded cards and advertising via the boxes used by PSA and BGS, I hope eBay will start doing more to retain control of its market share by protecting sellers more from incidents like this.