Another ebayer to block

Hey all,

Had an unfortunate run in with a member of the Pokemon community and I wanted to give everyone the heads up. Hope hes a member here so he can explain why he lied and stole my card.

[Admin - Redacted]

Onto the story …

This member bought a PSA 9 Legendary Collection Charizard. He hit the BIN of $150CDN and paid immediately. Here is the auction:

He receives the card for some reason is surprised it isnt the holo version. As you can see from my other auctions, I dont key word spam “holo” for non holo versions. The title does not state the card is a holo version, neither does the item description.

I get a message on ebay saying he accidentally bought the card thinking it was the holo version ( I guess he decided to BIN / take advantage of a steal and not ask too many questions or read the title or description )

Tell the guy were sorry for your mistake, but we refuse to to issue you a refund based on your own stupidity / mistake. If its our fault, no problem, but because this is on you we wont issue a refund and eat the loss.

Anyways, he opens a case against us and of course were going to lose. He marks the card as “item arrived not as described” and we leave it up to ebay to decide. In his initial write up for the claim, he states the mishap was his mistake, that he hit the BIN too quickly and did not realize he was buying a non holo version. He admits he was the person wrong here. We reply that because the buyer is owning up to his own mistakes, we should not have to give a refund or tracked shipping which we would have to provide as per ebay rules.

Anyways, the claim ends … as always, ebay sides with the buyer … they issue him a refund and we still dont have our card.

He not only lied saying the item “arrived not as described”, but he has now stolen our card. He has had ample time to return the item ( we are both in the same province ) and I guess he has just decided to keep it as a little bonus.

Watch out if this guy is buying your items, he seems to be a “power seller” on ebay as well.


I take these E4 complaints very seriously and usually follow our members recommendations to ban. I often suggest buying a cheap item from them and pounding him with negatives when the cards come back ‘not as described’ lol. Little tougher here. I feel we’re not getting the whole story as far as how you two handled the conversations.
He has a great feedback record both as a buyer and seller. He lists and sells hundreds of items. This type of buyer is normally not that hard to deal with.
How can you explain it?


Yeah I can see why your upset but I can’t see your rationale to get e4 to block him.
LC non holo Charizard looks the same as the holo version on most angles and scans.
Seems like an honest mistake where you should have honoured a refund.


Just playing devils advocate, is it not completely reasonable to believe that he pounded the BIN because he just read the title and ASSUMED it was the reverse or holo? I can definitely see HIM needing to pay for the return rather than you since it was his fault for misreading. But why so mad that he’s not buying something he didn’t want/mean to buy? Honoring a refund on an honest mistake shouldn’t be a big deal as long as it isn’t taking money out of your bank account. Just an opinion. I feel like he would have paid for shipment but you refused to honor a refund so he felt that he had no choice than to open a ticket with ebay.


Sorry, I am a bit confused to your question. I might start rambling, but if I dont answer your question please ask again with what exactly you wish me to explain =P

We actually got in contact with each other before any of this happened, once we figured out we were in the same Province. Made a sale a day or two off ebay where he asked if we could “cut him a deal” on the card he was interested in most, because he was interested in a bunch of other cards as well, and he just purchased from us on ebay. Of course, wanting to have a good rapport with a potential good new customer we obliged his requests.

It was not until he had his new (discounted) card in hand did he mention anything about the Legendary Non Holo Zard. He claimed he never knew one even existed. The majority of our talks were through Messenger. He spoke to us there about how he made the mistake in buying this card ( because someone would obviously put a PSA 9 Legendary Col. Holo Zard for BIN $120 or BO )

Paypal auto refunded him the money when they decided we were in the wrong. We asked him to please send the Charizard back with tracking and we would reimburse for tracked shipping, $10.80 CDN within the Province. Ebay gave us 3 days to get him a pre-paid envelope for him to send us back the Zard. Unlike the States, this is not as simple, we actually have to mail the postage or mail a pre-paid envelope to him. Do I need to send my pre-paid envelop tracked to make sure I can prove I sent it to him? Am I now eating $20.00+CDN on someome’s stupid mistake, one they admit to. Of course, during this 3 day period, he goes quiet on eBay and Messenger because ebay has assured him that not matter what happens, they will take the money and refund him after 72 hours.

And here we are, about 2 months later … he has the card, he has the money and he still has decided not to reply.

I sent him a link through ebay to this thread. Maybe he will answer here?

It is not for E4 to block him. I dont even know if he is a user here.

Just a warning to potential other people dealing with this user (E4, ebay, another forum?) as this person has the card, the money … and seems to feel like both are his?

As ebay states (I know it doesnt matter on ebays end) but we do not accept returns unless the item is:

A - Damaged during the shipping process
B - Actually not as described

A few weeks ago we refunded a $300+ Hockey card because there was a softer edge that did not show well in the scan, and the buyer was unhappy. Sorry, our fault, our mistake for not making it more clear, we will own up to our mistake.

Yes, the LC Non Holo and Holo versions do look similar. Our scan you can see there is no holo, and even if you couldnt, the title and description both say exactly what card you are receiving, not to mention the PSA label is very legible ( and I dont see the words “Holo” or “Rev. Holo” anywhere on the label )

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I believe I answered your question when replying to the 2 members above this post. Let me know if I did not!

Idk man in this instance I think you’re being really brash in saying it’s his stupidity and mistake. LC Charizard Holo and non-Holo versions are identical except for the Holo (difficult to see in pictures) and the PSA label.

I think some of this falls on you for not describing it as non-Holo verision considering both cards are 3/110. I can understand his mistake. Of course he shouldn’t be keeping the card, but you should have offered a return. After all, look where placing all the blame on the buyer has gotten you instead of being empathetic to an honest mistake… lesson learned.


I suppose.

He did have troubles reading the title, description, PSA label and the fact that we do not accept returns … I guess hoping for a little competence in some people is my mistake.

If you look at all of my hundreds of auctions, every card that is holo has “holo” in the title and description. Every card isnt a holo, I make sure that word doesnt enter either. Or should I maybe keyword spam “PSA 10?”, “not GOLDSTAR”, “not 1st Edition”, “not SHADOWLESS” and “non Holo” just to make sure people know what they are not bidding on?

You cannnt hold me accountable for someone not taking 1 - 2 mins to properly read about an item they are buying. My description and title are not shady nor trying to hide anything. My picture is not dark and can even be blown up to get a better view.

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I’m not holding you accountable, this situation you are in is holding you accountable. You were forced to refund and you are missing a card. How did you get into this situation? That’s all I’m saying man, try to look at it objectively rather than trying to figure out who to blame, learn from it and move forward.

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I read your response about needing to pay for his shipping, but again I’m asking if this happened because you initially refused to refund and he got ebay involved? Are you saying he reached out to you about wanting to return the card, you said “no problem send it back and I’ll refund you”, and then he reached out to ebay which gave you only 3 days to send a prepaid? Also, do your repaid’s not include shipping or why cant you just prove you never received the card back and now reverse the refund?

No one is looking at all your other titles to see how you word stuff. They scroll through ebay, see something they want, and sometimes click buy it now right away if they think its a steal and they want to get it before someone else. The whole “no returns” thing on ebay is make-believe. You should know that as a business. I think if you would have just told this guy to send the card back from the beginning, ebay would not have gotten involved and you would not have lost the card nor paid $20 for a prepaid envelope. And I’m STILL hazy on how you can’t reach out to ebay about not receiving the card back. Is there no tracking on a $20 prepaid?

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Link to whatsapp convo

You can read our text exchange in regards to this whole story on the link above.

Most readers are right in that I definitely made a mistake in mashing BIN assuming that the card was a holo as I didn’t even know a non-holo LC Charizard existed.

What OP conveniently forgets to mention in his posts is that I offered to ship it back for free at first (see imgur link for evidence), but not knowing if I would get a refund if I shipped it back on my own, I filed an eBay claim to be safe. eBay decided in my favor (as usual really) and asked him to provide a return shipping label. After 5 days of no response from the seller eBay issued a full refund. I even called eBay during this time to be sure that they were waiting for him to respond and not me.

“Paypal auto refunded him the money when they decided we were in the wrong. We asked him to please send the Charizard back with tracking and we would reimburse for tracked shipping, $10.80 CDN within the Province. Ebay gave us 3 days to get him a pre-paid envelope for him to send us back the Zard. Unlike the States, this is not as simple, we actually have to mail the postage or mail a pre-paid envelope to him. Do I need to send my pre-paid envelop tracked to make sure I can prove I sent it to him? Am I now eating $20.00+CDN on someome’s stupid mistake, one they admit to. Of course, during this 3 day period, he goes quiet on eBay and Messenger because ebay has assured him that not matter what happens, they will take the money and refund him after 72 hours. “

This is all bull as you NEVER reached out to me almost 6 weeks after the case until you decided to send me this link to the forums while calling me garbage on eBay’s messaging system. If you did send me a message/pre paid label, then I never received it or you’re just straight up lying for internet sympathy. I’d challenge you to provide screenshot evidence of the return label and or above mesasge to prove your point because otherwise this is hearsay.

As someone who claims to have sold with 2000+ feedback over multiple eBay accounts (paraphrased from your own text), you certainly knew that if you didn’t respond to eBay you would automatically lose the card AND the money right?

I’m almost certain you blocked me on Whatsapp in our last exchange before filing the case because the last online tag was from our first exchange.

I tried owning up to the mistake and offered to cover return shipping initially; but you spat in my face and refused it. eBay gave you ample time to provide a shipping label and you failed to do that. I had zero incentive to open further communications with you after the case as you were aggressive during our conversation and it’s further evidenced here in your posts.

If you’re still interested in getting the card back then pay for a shipping label. I have no desire to keep the card; you did not take the steps necessary to get the card back over multiple opportunities and instead are resorting to dragging my name through the mud over a forum I don’t even use.


@chris B

I did refuse his refund. I feel like I have the right to. Yes, I could have been more accommodating to his requests, but I feel I was taken advantage of now in the 2nd deal we made because I “cut him a deal” based on the LC Zard purchase, and the interest he had in other cards I had available. When the refund was declined through messenger he filed on ebay.

From what I understand, its easy to just send a pre-paid shipping label electronically through ebay within the States. Canada is a different story. I cannot print shipping labels easily through ebay ( maybe its my setting I am not sure but I simply use a label maker and have postage / tracking envelopes ready to go. When using Gary as a middle man here on E4, we were trying to figure out how I was going to send proper postage for Gary to send our package to the 3rd party once he had all cards in hand, we could not do it.

I guess also I have not been pro-active enough with ebay with my complaints. Maybe they will step in again and ask him to ship the card.

On a side note, I find it hard to believe that someone that “specializes in Pokemon singles” as an ebay store and moves that much product really did “overlook” what he had purchased. Being the expert that he is. I would have very little sympathy if someone were to buy/trade for the card here, if I used the same title and picture, and when received complained it was not holo.

inb4 lock

how could something so simple as a return turn into all this. yall need jesus


The fact that you knowing have a stolen card in your possession, openly admitting that it was your mistake yet you take no responsibility or financial loss is garbage, I am sorry that word triggers you so but I dont see it any other way. You have the money, you have the card, you are a thief, pretty plain and simple.

I am not the person you spoke with through WhatsApp. I read the convo and if you believe his responses are “spitting in your face” then you need to open your eyes to the world, because “dropping a few F bombs” is really not that much of a shocker or insult.

I fully support what how business partner replied to you and we did discuss our no refunds policy based on pure stupidity. Our mistake, we will own up to it. Not our mistake, this one’s on you.

Lastly, getting ebay to favor a buyer in a claim isnt proof of innocence or being right. We all know how terrible a process and how unfair cases are when you are a seller


As someone who has sold almost 1000 items on eBay the past year…if someone asks for a return then just do it no questions asked. Costing you shipping is way cheaper than your time and effort. Just say yes, get it, move on, next. If you really hate that they returned it, block them once the transaction is done. Simple.

Unfortunately, as sellers on ebay, it seems it has come down to this.