Lucario ex Master and Gift set

What are fair prices in mint copies of both Lucario ex’s?

I’m considering picking up a couple copies for my collection, but don’t know if I want to drop the cash or not. Haha. Someone online has both for sale but wants $40 each. I just don’t know the value.

i realize this is old, but why not check a few different sites and see whats the cheapest, that seams to be the obvious thing to do

I have sold my lucario aline for $30 each

I’m not familiar with Japanese retailers and, believe it or not, Google Translate doesn’t do much for me in the way of searching “Lucario ex” on YJ.

I ended up not getting them because I couldn’t find pricing information, but now that I know I can look in the future.

Not sure on condition ect but heres one


you couldnt get them from an english place like amazon or ebay?

Seeing as how there aren’t any listed nor sold on either of those sites, no. No I could not.

oh man that sucks, its weird out of ALL the English people in the world, now ONE of them can sell them on an english site :confused: seams a little dumb that someone couldnt have