Pokemon collectors I need you!

Wondering if you guys could give me an estimate on how much I should sell some of my cards for.

They are from the english version black and white noble destinies series…

All mint brand new and shinys! Unless stated *which are non shiny

7/99 simisage. 41/99 zapdos. 64/99 lucario x2. 103/99 hydreigon
9/99 amoonguss. 46/99 luxray x2. 70/99 weavile
20/99 chandelure. 50/99 zekrom. 72/99 shiftry
37/99 beartic *. 53/99 muk. 74/99 scrafty
33/99 vanilluxe x2. 57/99 gardevoir x2. 81/99 persian

Shaymin ex holo 5/99
Reshuram ex holo 95/99
Regigigas ex holo 82/99

As package what do you reckon?



Shaymin ex 5/99 - $9.75
Reshiram ex 95/99 - $12.5
Regigigas ex 82/99 - $8

I have only price checked the cards worth checking.
Roughly all of these cards in a lot I would say ~$35-$45.
I based this on the price of these three ex’s and $1-3 for each holo.

If you are ever needing to check prices of cards, the best and easiest way is to search eBay’s completed listings.

  • Advanced Search on eBay
  • Tick Completed Listings
  • Search for your specific card

Thanks that’s great, really glad you could help me!



Does any one on this site tell me what a pokemon Acrade machine might be worth, its not a video machine, but mechnical one, would send pictures.


Can send photos if you want to email me c@ion4.com