Please help value some of my cards


I’ve recently got back into collecting Pokemon cards and hoping people can give me some valuations on several of my cards.

1st Edition, English Shining Charizard:

1st Edition, Japanese Skyridge Crystal Charizard:

1st Edition, Japanese Aquapolis Crystal Lugia:

1st Edition, Japanese Skyridge Crystal Ho-Oh:

Japanese Charizard EX:

1st Edition, Japanese Lugia EX:

All are 1st edition except for the Japanese Charizard EX.

Please let me know what you would value each of these cards at.


oh wow japanese crystal pokemon cards intersting.heres how i value each

1st ed shining charizard 40-80

1st ed JPN crystal charizard 50-100

1st ed JPN crystal lugia 30-50

1st ed JPN crystal ho-oh 30-50

charizard ex-30-60

1st ed JPN lugia ex 50-70 maybe more

Thanks for reply, I assume your values are in $?

Looking for more replies also.


the crystal charizard recently sold for $168 to give you an estimate :blush:

Way way too much… $100 is way too much!

I think legendoflugia has got it pretty spot on; sell at the higher rate, hope someone bites, negotiate down to the lower end if you are buying

Definitely too high. Becky you can search ebay and get a good average!

I’m unsure why everyone seems to think JPN 1st Edition Crystal Charizard is way way over priced at $168 and way over priced at $100?

I’ve looked on, UK, USA and Japan eBay and there are none for sale.

There’s only one web site I’ve found with it for sale and they want $199. Link here:

There are lots of English ones about at around the prices you guys have quoted, but not Japanese?

@becky – If a seller lists a card at a certain price, it doesn’t mean it is worth that price, nor does quantity have a say (i.e. if there are only two cards available and they’re both over $XX). It takes a bit of patience and practice of observing how particular card value fluctuates and what it tends to average.

Exactly what Unique said!

While I am not 100% on this cards price I would just suggest that over $100 is too high. Pricing rarer cards is difficult since there are not a lot of auctions to average out.

Thanks for replies.

I understand what someone is selling one for doesn’t mean it sells at that price.

Can anyone link me to any other auctions/sites selling the JPN 1st edition crystal charizard? I’ve searched everywhere I can think of and can only find the one for sale which I linked above at $199.

One thing I’m starting to think (due to all the searching and only finding the one for sale) is that the JPN version must be hard to come by?

There are plenty of english ones on eBay in unlimited versions (english version wasn’t made in 1st edition).


A couple of tips:

  1. With rare cards, patience most certainly is a virtue. You’ll learn the hard way that you can’t just find any card you want on eBay or a card shop or wherever - it just doesn’t work that way

  2. You should contact eBay sellers and negotiate the price down, especially if they have a card you want on buy it now but for a very high price. They’re EXPECTING you to do so - to buy at full price would be madness