Value of JPN Crystals

Hey all,

I need to know the value of a Near-Mint Crystal Charizard (Unlimited; JPN), does anyone have a rough estimate? These cards have skyrocketed in value lately and I see that 1st ED copies are selling far higher than before.


I’ve been trying to find an actual Mint condition JPN Crystal Charizard in 1st Ed for ages.

  1. They are just rare, 2) They are even rarer to find in good condition, 3) They whenever they do get listed they have insane prices.

I suppose a UED would be a lot easier, but good luck nevertheless.

Well I sold a complete set of 1st edition E5 cards in mint condition, ungraded for a little over $1150 about 3 months ago. You’d be lucky to get a 1st edition Charizard for $250, the last few in decent condition I’ve watched have gone for way more. I’d personally pay around $200 for a nm/mint unlimited version but finding one can be tricky!