Japanese Charizard gold star 1st edition

Charizard gold star Japanese first edition

I am in the process of trading a lot for this card, but I’m not that sure how much it is realistically worth. I am valuing it at $120 at the moment.

Can someone tell me what its really worth

I thought the JPN stars were considerably harder to get than American *s… making them more in the range of $100. I could be wrong, though.

The Guy who is selling just put the price up to £500 which is a bit out of my price range

Oh, that’s absurd. No one will pay that.

If you really want that card, heres one for £100 from pokeblokey

The one from Pokeyblokey is not first edition. The first edition one is the one I am looking for

The last ones I saw went for $80 and $65 on ebay, and for $25 and $50 on Yahoo Japan. Not sure whether they were unlimited or 1st ed. I’d say fair price is $50-60 for unlimited, and $60-70 for 1st edition.